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Anyone out there use Tumblr? (S, I'm looking at you, boo. I still need your address! ^-^) I have a Tumblr blog with a pretty hefty following about the television show, LOST, but I only follow design blogs with that account (sorry, Losties, it's nothing personal). Anyway, I recently started following Things Organized Neatly, a blog after the totally neurotic side in everybody. And what will you find there, you ask? Well, just that! It's a similar concept to A Collection a Day, but on Things Organized Neatly, followers can submit their own pics. In fact TON's content is either made, submitted, or found. Stop by, look around, and get inspired to organize the messy (or slightly less than perfect) things in your life (I just did my closet, and I can't get over it!). Here are some selections:

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