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Man oh man, am I impressed by the things going on over at Daikoku Design Institute. It's a rich portfolio of designs that I just can't get enough of! I'm leaving so much out, but these are stunning...


Impeccably Well Dressed Kids

Scandinavia's Mini Rodini sure knows its stuff when it comes to kids' fashion. Check out these wares:


Two and Two

one / two / three / four

Feeling a little better today. Flu-like symptoms? Worse than you think when it's like a hundred outside. I'm hot and cold at the same time. Thought I'd grace you with this new Two and Two (been a while) all from somewhere my Pinterest boards. A snazzy bauble and book, each with an equally fab surface to rest upon. Enjoy!


Magazine Wall

I found a great place for typography and graphic design inspiration. These examples below and so much more over at Magazine Wall.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

*taking a tiny blogging break. feel like i'm coming down with something. boo flu! see you in a few days!



I'd never hang a real animal head  on my wall, but I sure as hell would proudly display one of these colorful resin animal heads by White Faux Taxidermy any day of the week. What a twist! I just can't decide which is my favorite.


Pink Friday

It was a particularly colorful, not to mention pink, week. Check out his vintage sequin top (which is sadly no longer available *sadface*). Sure is festive isn't it? Have a fab weekend!


It's In The Bag

Potatoes and Eggs photo by the 10 cent designer / via BKFST.

Maybe you're one of those lucky ducks who can just walk around the corner from your home for an amazing brunch on a Sunday morning (or any given morning for that matter). Or maybe you've got a friend preparing brunch for you –– even better. You're probably not gonna be bringing too much with you on your way to your lazy meal, but hopefully you're surrounded by good food, good conversation, and some of these colorful wares. A lipstick that truly stays on is a plus...here's what's in (and around) this Anthropologie Striped Trinity Pouch.

leif wooden tasting spoon set / leif confetti tumbler / nars schiap lipstick / kate spade bangle / paul smith leather wallet


Cafe Foam

Stockholm's Cafe Foam sure knows how to keep things interesting with their shocking pink walls, clean lines, and what I'm assuming is pretty good coffee. How could it be bad in a place like this, right?


From an art person

Fred One Litch sure has a way with collages. Now he's got a ton, so here's just a few of my favorites.


Pink Friday

I love these fun paintings by Jen Ramos. Something warm, something cool, but as always –– it being Friday and all –– pink.


It's In The Bag

Painting by Cy Twombly.

A cross body bag is always a good idea. Say you're at an art museum, for example. There's lots of people around, and lots to absorb; it's good to have your hands free and not have to think about the safety of your belongings. Don't forget your specs, and when the rules allow, you should always take pictures...here's what's in this Cambridge Satchel.

topshop lipstick / blackbirdandtheowl coin purse / modal silk scarfhan kjobenhavn glasses / diana f+ edelweiss camera


Plus a little laundry here and there...

Sarah Burwash does these amazing collages with tiny paper triangles...

...and she also makes beautiful illustrations. These ones depicting laundry are my favorite:


From my Pinterest boards

Every once in a while, I'll pin a few things at a time, see them all together, then curse the heavens that Pinterest still doesn't have private boards. Because occasionally I'll see a trend, and want to blog it. Oh well, shameless self-promotion time I suppose. Are you following?

pinned here and here.


It's In The Bag

Chicago book design by Matt Avery.

Oh look, another one of these! Just take a look at that bag. It sure is a stunner. A classic shape in a velvety suede and a rich cobalt hue that I've really been loving lately. Cobalt looks best in suede for some reason. It's perfect for a meeting (maybe with friends, maybe with colleagues) in the city. But oh, what to bring on said meeting? A few chic accessories and tools to freshen up?...here's what's in this J.Crew bag.

j.crew calf hair wallet / life stationery for tophat notebookiPhone case / chloe rollerball fragrance / bottega veneta keyfob / *dr. feelgood mattifying balm

*Got an oily T-zone? You likely will if you've been walking around the city all day. This stuff is the best, and it now comes in a more affordable, smaller size! 



This time last year, in this post specifically, I was complaining about the heat...oh how silly I was. I wish I could slap 2011-fourth-of-July-Michaela in the face. I bet it was like, 80 or something. As I'm writing this, it's the midnight before, and it's still 83 degrees outside, so... yeah.

Happy fourth of July to those of you in the States (and elsewhere!). Enjoy these pictures of food by Joey Armstrong. Not particularly Independence Day-themed, but it sure is making me hungry. That first pic? Pulled Pork Pancakes. You're welcome.

Have a safe holiday, everyone! An all new It's In The Bag post will be up tomorrow!



Here's a few promotional designs RoAndCo Studio has done for designer fashion label, Honor, in recent years. Obviously, I've got a thing for gold foil today.

And then of course, there's this show invitation box of macarons. No one could turn that down, right? I sure as hell wouldn't! (Those look like some big macs.)



...is the name of the series by Tatiana Trouve to which these stunning illustrations below belong.

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