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No, I haven't died. Just been incredibly busy and finally have a day off.

Is there anything I love more than cupcakes?, you might ask...well, there's a lot of things, but not today. Check out this editorial shoot by Will Cotton, starring Elle Fanning (she's made an appearance on the blog before). This shoot is so right on so many levels. Like...I just can't. It's pushing all my blog buttons: fashion, food, and art.


Pink Friday

For his photo series, Broken Flowers, Jon Shireman soaks blooms in liquid nitrogen before using a spring-loaded contraption to slam them into a surface, causing them to shatter. These orchids are just one gorgeous example. (via)


Out of season

The way Sasha Kurmaz photographed these flowers makes them look too perfect to be real. Actually, they remind me scientific illustrations. Absolutely stunning.




These photographs by Frederic Fontenoy are of blood and milk mixing together. Yep. It actually makes a whole lot of sense when you think about the differing consistencies of those two fluids: one sticky and slightly coagulated, the other considerably less so. They duel together nicely, taking turns giving way, their colors blending so beautifully, or not blending at all. And for the record (oh, you better believe I checked), yes, blood is thicker than milk.

(discovered here)


They're called plumes

If you're familiar with my fear of certain birds, you'll understand the fascination here. It's so easy to get dark when there are wings involved, and you really see that in this photography series, Pigeons by Imke Klee. Did you know pigeons came in this many gorgeous colors? I sure didn't. Seriously though, check out the full set.


Clever color

Just giving you a heads up, but this week is shaping up to be kind of a colorful one on the blog. Today's color block-ery is courtesy of photographer, Bernd Westphal, and he sure has a way with color (he also deals with the absence of it in a nice way, but that's another story).

And of course, it's always a good thing to remember...



This time last year, in this post specifically, I was complaining about the heat...oh how silly I was. I wish I could slap 2011-fourth-of-July-Michaela in the face. I bet it was like, 80 or something. As I'm writing this, it's the midnight before, and it's still 83 degrees outside, so... yeah.

Happy fourth of July to those of you in the States (and elsewhere!). Enjoy these pictures of food by Joey Armstrong. Not particularly Independence Day-themed, but it sure is making me hungry. That first pic? Pulled Pork Pancakes. You're welcome.

Have a safe holiday, everyone! An all new It's In The Bag post will be up tomorrow!


Tiny Foodies

Let us not underestimate the effect of charm and wit. This photography series by Christopher Boffoli, titled Big Appetites, has both in spades. And the cherry on top, so to speak? The captions. They slay me. (via)



Painting on photos – I'm a big fan! Cool way to infuse a little color, geometry, and edge into an otherwise muted (and gorgeous) photo. Photographer, Alexandra Valenti knows what's up, as evidenced by her Painted Images series.


Alexander Kent

I'm really digging these still-lifes by Alexander Kent. There's so much thought put into the clean, clever styling. And that's the trick, isn't it? At least for me; I'm easily won over by a little humor and some negative space.



Have I told you about my irrational fear of dead birds? What would you call that phobia? There's something about the blank expression in death, of something so regal, with the power of flight, that just freaks me out. To be honest, I think it's the open beak that gets me. I could really get into this topic, but I digress. Don't worry, there are no dead birds in this post about Audrey Corregan's bird-centric photography series, Obviously. But maybe I was getting somewhere with the whole faces conversation: even with their backs turned to camera, they have such a power. A quiet defiance deserving of my fear.

(discovered here)


Never enough doughnuts

While we're at it, is that how most of you spell it? Not donut? These are a couple of shots of Top Pot Doughnut's selection. One of my favorite treats, the doughnut (or donut).

(image via OneLovePhoto)


Ephemera Pt. 2

You know I love the original, but this new iteration on the series by Alberto Seveso, called a Due Colori, is so beautiful it's giving me heart palpitations. The high-speed photographs of ink mixing in water, this time with two dueling colors instead of one, are another hit for the Italian photographer and graphic designer. They remind me so much of the blanket octopus (google it, it's a stunning animal), with their organic, unpredictable dance.

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