Ruined Polaroids

Photographer, William Miller, sure hit the jackpot when he purchased a Polaroid SX-70 camera from a yard sale for $20...especially when he found out it was broken. The defective gadget produced these abstract results that William just decided to embrace in a photography series he calls, Ruined Polaroids. Happy accidents all over.

{discovered here}



So aside from finally receiving my new glasses from Warby Parker this week (I know, I know, I've been talking about them forever), I also got this print (and this card –– a surprise!) from SOTI in the mail. I blogged about SOTI a few weeks back, and looove following the brand's Tumblr blog. And what do you know, SOTI's on Pinterest, too! Great way to start off the weekend; now I just gotta get a frame.

Have a great weekend. Some links for you:

- Some dapper pigeons.

- Everyone needs a zombie survival map.

- Try a rocky view instead.

- Beautiful as the results are, don't try this at home, kids.

- A blue background in photography that I never thought I'd love more than white.

- Sir Hopsalot.

- Has anyone tried this method for creating beachy waves?

Pink Friday

Patiently waiting for the day when I can make this painting by Isca Greenfield-Sanders a reality, as I have not been near the ocean in a while. Happy Friday!


Nomadic Wrapped Stones

You can buy these sweet one-of-a-kind nomadic wrapped stones from The Winsome Brave to adorn your nightstand...or (hey, here's a great DIY) you could try making some yourself. Makes a great little souvenir if you travel, or just need a memento from a special place.


Light painter

As the daylight streams through your windows and glass doors, a lovely dance of detailed shadows suddenly spreads across the room. What if you could keep it there forever? That was the illusion behind this trompe l'oeil installation by Mary Temple. The shadows aren't actually there; they're painted onto the walls and floor. An innocuous little mind game that sure is fun to play.


From my Pinterest boards

Do I have a thing for not being able to see clearly or something?... (source: 1 / 2 / 3)

Seeing a lot of this

I've been seeing a lot of mint around lately. I know Tangerine Tango is supposed to be color of the year, but this milky, cool hue is happily making the rounds as well. Also big this season? Cobalt. Seriously, scroll down here a bit, and see how it dominates the blues. But that of course, is a post for a different time.

Madewell Denim / Babees Honey / Versus Pleated Dress / BYO Reusable Coffee Cup / Essie Mint Candy Apple.



Floral stylist, Amy Merrick, recently styled a shoot for BHLDN. So pretty, right? The concept of the shoot was to show how to incorporate fragrance into a wedding using flowers. Check out the behind the scenes action of these gorgeous blooms, here.



I finally ordered my glasses from Warby Parker this week, and I can't wait to get them! I ended up going with this pair, called Sinclair, in Burgundy Fade (pictured above). Bensen in Greystone came in a close second. It's making me feel like Lane Pryce a little bit, and I love the classic, vintage-ness (is that a word?) they bring to my usually simple wardrobe.

Here's some links for your weekend. Have a good one!

- An indoor carpet made of pebbles.

- Stared at this for five minutes. Best thing I've seen in a while. Simply designed and interactive.

- Love this blog. Menswear + food = double yum.

- Clicked play. Again and again. How do people even figure things like this out?

- Having a hard time choosing between this, this, and this.

- Gemstone magnets!!! Fun and luxe.

- You have to love yourself.

- And finally, something that never fails to make me giggle/snort/choke on my coffee.

Pink Friday

There's something so sweet about the color pink. Photography by Caroline Gomez.


A fog in the field

This eerie photography series, aptly named Days Lost, by Katja Mayer and Peter Chadwick kind of reminds me of the show, LOST (and please don't even get me started on that; it's still too raw). But as ghostly as these clouds of color appear, it's actually a more innocuous setting than you'd think. It's a paintball field! Talk about seeing things in a new way. (source)


The All Day Everyday Project

You may have already seen or heard about this daily graphic design project by Hannes Beer. Here are a few of my favorites from the collection:


Elliot Ripper House

Elliot Ripper's home has a perfect mix of curves and hard lines. And windows, windows, windows. I'm especially taken by the living/dining/kitchen, well lit by the generous glass doors that lead into the home's landscaped outdoor area. This space is pretty brilliant. You can see the rest of the rooms here.


For foodies

I don't really follow a lot of food blogs like I do design blogs, but this one, called French Cuisse, by 19-year-old restaurant management major, William Matthew Valle, has stolen my heart. There are no recipes on French Cuisse, just gorgeous, simple photos of well-prepared food. Mind you, it's not all French, but a variety of meals, from pulled pork sandwiches, New York Strip and Adobo, to lighter fare and desserts like banana bread, cheesecakes and chilled cucumber soup.

Needless to say, it was difficult to edit down the amount of pictures in this post, but I tried *sigh*. I'm sure I'm missing some really amazing ones, but dude, this blog is long.



Image from my Instagram. Nail color: American Apparel "Manila".

Happy Weekend! Some links:

- It sure takes a lot of effort to look like you just rolled out of bed. But worth it, if you can work this tutorial into your life.

- On the hunt for a peplum skirt.

- An ombre nail might be nice for a change.

- Fellow perfectionists, keep this in mind.

- Are we still in to polyhedrons? Because this takes the cake.

- The bikini timeline by Ma + Chr.

- An artist I've wanted to blog about for a while.

- Did you know that puzzle pieces are interchangeable within a brand?

Pink Friday

Photo by Samuel Bradley.

An appropriate photo for today, since I've recently ordered some home try-on glasses from Warby Parker. They should be here by next week, and I am sooo excited to be going back to glasses! I've worn contacts for the past five or so years, and it's time for a change. (I hardly blink when I work on the computer, so these will be a stylish and more comfortable alternative!) Warby's got some great new styles at such affordable prices, and I'm hopeful that one of the five in the trial box will be a winner. Happy Friday!


A pairing

There's a loose, boxy, black and white striped shirt in my closet that gets worn just about every week. It's a fairly thin fabric, so I know it will soon be on its way to retirement, even though it's less than a year old. But damn, do I love that shirt. I can't think of a better pairing than simple black and white. It's bold, it's graphic, but also super neutral. Wear it on your body year-round, furnish your home with it, hang it as art. Mix it with patterns and call it a day. A tip for your wardrobe: depending on the width of a b&w stripe, it pairs surprisingly well with floral, camouflage, and even leopard print!

sources: room / outfit / framed art

I don't know which I love more...

...these new gold foiled notepads from Tokketok, or the beautiful way in which they're displayed in these shop photos. Splash of pink, anyone?


A favorite

No matter how long it's been since I've last seen her work, I'm always inspired by Cristiana Couceiro. Do you have a go-to designer or artist? (images via)


Two and Two

Fabric work (dots) by Louise Bourgeois / Onesie by Rittenhouse / Fabric work (string) by Louise Bourgeois / Dress with bow by Zara

I recently became a godmother to my cousin's baby girl (let's call her little A). Sooooo......little A's mother apparently thinks I'm responsible enough to be the "spiritual caretaker" for her child. I say this in jest, of course, because it is an honor. (Huge deal!)

There is one god-motherly duty I take pretty seriously, and that is adorning this kid some sweet clothes. Oh, what fun it is shopping for a little girl! So to celebrate little A, and the gifts I'm sending her way (she's in the Philippines), here's an all new Two and Two (haven't done that one in a while) about tiny threads.


Hello, yellow.

Whether it's pale butter, mustard, or mango, there's a yellow for every every occasion. (I've got a vibrant shade on my nails right now!)

dress / smoke / bon iver typography / bedding / landscape



Happy weekend (and Happy Easter)! Some links for you:

- Just happened upon this Tumblr blog, Pinners Be Crazy. Instant follow if only because reading them irks me. I know a few people who could do without the comment option, and I tend to agree.

- Fitness buffs, or if you're just looking for a fun way to keep track of your health/eating/workout habits, a reader made a free app called, SlimKicker.

- One can never have too many dresses. I fancy this one from Forever 21. Love cheap thrills!

- Mascara drying up in the tube before you can use it all up? A useful tip.

- Atlantic-Pacific reminding me that I really need to head over to Zara like, yesterday.

- Made me smile. Photos of dogs right as they're jumping into a pool. Those faces. :')

(photo via my Instagram)

Pink Friday

Happy Friday, folks! Here's a little something designer, Ana Montiel did for the Nina Ricci "Cristal Collection".

Also, doesn't the facet-y-ness (is that a word?) of that remind you of this video below? So glad that last week, on the one day that I watched The Voice, someone's doing a cover of it...



Meet Mosser –– a moss ball housed in a small glass vessel. It's a terrarium in its simplest possible form. For us less fancy folk ;)


Put your records on

Currently diggin' these works by Israeli photographer, Tamir Sher. If they look vaguely familiar, it's because Tamir takes reproductions of masters' paintings (and some of his son's toys, though not pictured here), spins them on a record player at varying speeds, then photographs the magic. The result is an obscured image that really puts a modern twist to the classics. (via)

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