I never followed Seinfeld, but I found these minimalist "Seinfood" posters by Rinee Shah to be pretty clever (you know me, anything with food). The series of prints is available for purchase at Pot + Pantry (and right here) until March 10th. (Discovered on Dwell)


Oh wow!

Last year I blogged about Howkapow, the colorful online shop of husband-and-wife team, Cat and Rog How, showcasing the designs of independent artists. Boy have I got some catching up to do. Here are some recent faves. I especially love these shadow coasters! See all their products here.


This dog has the patience of a saint

...and the balance of an Olympic gymnast. I'm talking about Maddie the Coonhound (a photography series by Theron Humphrey), and she's touring the states and standing on things like nobody's business. Buy prints of Maddie standing on things here. Happy Monday!


Pink Friday

I realize it's no longer Valentine's Day, but it's never too late to make these heart milk cubes from A Subtle Revelry. The ice tray was from IKEA! Have a lovely weekend!



This photography series by Hana Pesut was a happy little discovery today (don't you just love those?). That Aztec print is just about everywhere these days, and a little color never hurt either. 


Wonder Wed

I happened upon this gorgeous wedding menu yesterday on Pinterest, and just had to find the rest. Enter Wonder Wed, the wedding set branch of Studio Wonder by Vancouver-based designer, Ashley Peters. Here are some of my favorites:

Coming and going

I just fell for these beautiful paintings by Jose Manuel Hortelano. Plenty more gorgeous works (including a little manscaping action?!) here.



I've been unconsciously and slowly cutting down on coffee. One day I realized I don't drink it nearly as much as I used to, and I hadn't really planned on that happening. See, a couple years ago I gave up coffee for Lent. It turned me into a raging bitch within the first two days. I couldn't even taste my food. But after that first week, I had powered through, and the rest of that 40 day stint went pretty well. The effects of this most recent gradual descent into coffee-lessness have yielded different results. What was once a daily routine has been reduced to a one day treat. Yes, I said it. One. Day. Unheard of. But I've just been so sluggish lately, I'm beginning to think it's not worth it to cut down this much. And what's more, I've noticed that I've been replacing coffee with sugar –– specifically soda. Not a good thing. All that sugar isn't helping at all with the sluggishness, by the way. I feel like I could nap all day. So what am I getting at with all this? Now that I've pin-pointed the source of my newly-adopted sloth-like behavior, the coffee self-deprivation is over. I just want my coffee back. Have a good, coffee-filled day. (image: Instagram)


Luminous Whatnots

I happened upon these lighters from Etsy store, Luminous Whatnots a while back and was intrigued by their vintage charm. Unfortunately the ones below are no longer available, but the ones above and a whole bunch of others still are. So if you're looking for a unique gift for someone, or if vintage lighters and knick knacks are your thing, then give 'em a visit.


Pink Friday

Two furniture-related Pink Friday's in a row. Wha-what?! Alright, I'll calm down, I promise. But this is pretty cool stuff. This table by designer, Jo Nagasaka, is called "flat table peeled". It's a contemporary interpretation of the Japanese hassoku dai, a low 8-legged table. The unevenness of the plank top is smoothed with a neon epoxy. Seriously good stuff that I've had stored in my favorites forever. Glad I've unearthed it today. Have a fab weekend! (More images at the source.)


Word as Image

...an inventive little typographic video based on the book by Ji Lee, animated by Bran Dougherty-Johnson. Majorly impressed by this, I must say. More info here.


Pink Friday

Lucas Maassen & Sons. A collaboration project by Dutch industrial designer, Lucas Maassen and his three sons, Thijme, Jullian, and Maris (ages nine, seven, and seven, respectively). The kids are paid one euro for every piece of furniture painted, but due to Dutch child labor laws are only allowed to work three hours per week. The shortened time table only contributes to their charm. More images and a video here. (via Miss Moss)


From above

Well that's one way to use Google's satellite view. Satellite Collections, a series of collages by Jamie Odell, has me squinting and staring for all the right reasons. Collages of what, you might ask? Everything from basketball courts and nuclear cooling towers, to water slides and empty parking lots -- all from above. And while you're checking out Jamie's work, be sure to catch the All the People on Google Earth series. I'll just let you guess what that involves.


Shelter Dogs

It's no secret that I'm a dog lover, so these moving portraits of American shelter dogs by photographer Traer Scott really hit the spot. These shots are just a few in the series, Shelter Dogs, a book available at the ASPCA website, of which all proceeds go to the non-profit. I'll admit, I did get a little choked up reading this article and this interview with the photographer. Especially when it was mentioned that not every dog photographed was adopted; some were eventually euthanized. These portraits serve as a tribute to the dignity and courage these dogs show in the face of their often short, troubled lives.


Stone Fox Bride

Brides, want the wow on your big day without the fuss of an overpowering dress you'll never be able to wear again? Newly opened Manhattan bridal showroom, Stone Fox Bride, might be the way to go. The sunny store boasts a range of bridal services (shamans and sex therapists and Pilates, oh my!) in addition to their beautiful bride-and-bridesmaid-friendly dresses by designers Mandy Coon, Electric Feathers, Daryl K, Wren, and more.

And of course, this being a design blog and all, the wispy, eclectic decor of the shop didn't escape my notice. I can't imagine an experience in this store, open to the public today, to be anything but visually satisfying. (via NY Times)


I mean...

It's typography and chocolate. Typography. And. Chocolate.

Dynamo teamed up with Suite 88 to make these chocolate bars to give as corporate gifts. Pretty much the only way this could get better would be if...oh, wait. No it can't!....

..........Except, holy shit, it does! Because now you can buy these bars, and download the original artwork they were based on as a wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad, or desktop! Mondays aren't so bad, huh?

(discovered on: Nicework Ramble)

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