How genius works

Loving the cover of this month's The Atlantic. If you want to delve through the cover article, How Genuis Works, you can do that here.

Why hello there somewhat (yet not quite) CMYK color scheme. Very rarely do I see you work out this well. 

Making it bearable

What a great idea from the minds over at Kontor Kontur. I believe hospitals should really invest in the decor of their rooms, and not just in the kids' ward. Because if you have to stay somewhere for more than a few days, and you're already not feeling too swell, a room like this can only really help to improve your mood.

The crystalline knowledge of you

Please excuse this behemoth post, but I just couldn't help but click and save at the sight of these beyond gorgeous and super realistic crystal paintings by Carly Waito. I'm late to the party, I know, but I'm feeling all sorts of opulent today. Do I have a certain royal wedding to blame? Maybe (especially because I totally won two bets with myself about the future queen's dress being both a McQueen, and Grace Kelly-esque. Booya!). Check out Carly's photostream to see some progress photos (it's always fun to see the stages of projects this size), and other works.


Pink Friday

Ooh, it's moving...via From Me to You, yet another lovely set of animated gifs. Featured in these are dresses from Katie Ermilio's Fall 2011 lookbook.



This post is dedicated to my bestie of ten+ years, who is an environmental science major, and just happens to be traveling to Japan on Monday to officially start her post-college life. (majorly sad about this, but also so proud of the gal!) So what could be more appropriate than these uber-environmentally-friendly recycled map products from Saratops on Etsy? Below are a recycled map prize ribbon (for congratulatin'!), a map garland (for celebratin'!), and library card notebooks (for note takin'!). Visit the store for more ecofriendly, handmade goodness.


Can't go wrong with...

Living in this color.

via The Sartorialist

Luminous beings are we

What's not to love about these bright watercolors by illustrator, Ekaterina Koroleva? I think it's exactly what we need this time of year. Things are looking brighter, even if it's just on the blog.


Cut it out!

I'm all about the hand-cut typography treatment Owen Gildersleeve gives his work. The result is truly unique. How could it not be?

discovered on grain edit


Dear Chicago,

Seriously, Chicago and surrounding suburbs, I've had a little glimpse of what good spring weather is like, and I gotta tell you, I can't get enough of it. Just hear me out. I have a blazer that's served it's purpose a million times more than it should have in six months because it's the most convenient thing to wear (warm, but not too warm) when you're in one of your hair-trigger moods. One can only appear in the same blazer so many times.


*OK, I realize the city in the pics above is actually Manhattan and not Chicago, but the context was appropriate. These pieces are from New York-based artist, Vik Muniz's 2001 "Pictures of Clouds" series.


No dawn, no day

Absolutely in love with these fashion photographs by Erik Madigan Heck. If you frequent this blog, you'll know I love me some color, but living in the Midwest, I do appreciate darkness as well. My eyes just gravitate towards it. Featured in Heck's photography are designers like Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Haider Ackermann, Rodarte, Lacroix, Giambattista Valli, and more. I'm head over heels for the red Valentino ruffled number above. So swoon-worthy... 


Pink Friday

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHAT?!?!? I forgot to do a Pink Friday?!? *rushes to open Photoshop* April is kind of a weird month for me, what with bestie leaving at the end of it and all (that's not a good excuse and I feel lame). Pretty pink apologies all around.

Jil Sander ad via ChloeAmerie*. Now please, enjoy what's left of your Friday.

{last week's pink friday}


Loving these super close-up polaroids by photographer Grant Hamilton. Is this the push you need to get into the spring spirit? 


Catch a Tuesday

So I realize that this would be a more appropriate post for, say, a Tuesday, but I just discovered it on Lox Papers today. This short is a promo vid from Oliver Peoples' 2009 campaign, featuring Zooey Deschanel and Matt Costa. I'm just so in to the whole sixties vibe of it all. Enjoy.


White space

I just spent half my life on ChloeAmerie*, the Tumblr blog dedicated to minimalism and the effortless beauty of white space. With infinite scrolling and endless amounts of design eye candy, I sincerely hope you have your affairs in order. You may be there a while.


Crystal vision

Let's all get colorful before it rains again! Links below.

(sources: Uptown by Elisabeth Moch / Apophyllite rainbows )
Elisabeth Moch illustration discovered on Design Work Life


Oh, for the love of Zara

When in doubt, you just can't go wrong with Zara's April lookbook. I love how brights are making such a huge appearance this season. Pair that with the classic, easy silhouettes Zara understands and delivers so perfectly, and you have a recipe for a smashing spring wardrobe!


Mental health day

This post is a little late due to yesterday's all-day museum/cream puff shenanigans with the besties. I was so tired after my carb-intensive dinner and achy trek in the cold (can you believe it actually started snowing?), that I crashed in bed and fell asleep with my laptop next to my face. Ah, April.

Anyway, these two below are vintage marketing materials for Pharmaceutical companies in the sixties. Classic mid-century styling. Can you imagine getting that second one as a direct mail piece? Why can't we live in Mad Men era? Links below.

(sources: MCM Pharma set on Flickr / Aqua Velvet )


Hip to be a square

Check out these illustrations by artist, Anna Higgie. With equal parts fashion, geometry, and urban, these works are crazy cool without even trying (and without being digital). Check out Anna's blog and Flickr for more. (And for those who know, me, yes, that last one might as well be me. Well, a lot of girls actually...)


Two Too Pretty

(sources: Collette Dinnigan Fall 2011 (style.com) / Black mountains, white mist by Malin Bergstrom )

I realize I just did a "Two Too Pretty" a week ago (and then a few days before that, hehe), but I really love this feature. (Nerdy Michaela is too excited, yo!) So just as we're going into spring, a little reminder of darkness from days gone by.
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