No, I haven't died. Just been incredibly busy and finally have a day off.

Is there anything I love more than cupcakes?, you might ask...well, there's a lot of things, but not today. Check out this editorial shoot by Will Cotton, starring Elle Fanning (she's made an appearance on the blog before). This shoot is so right on so many levels. Like...I just can't. It's pushing all my blog buttons: fashion, food, and art.



I wish I could understand Japanese so I could tell you more about homesickdesign, my latest graphic design obsession. Do yourself a favor and take a stroll through here.


I've had a thing for keeping it simple. Black and white and leather.

dress / photo / leggings


Those cats are making my life

Someone give me a cold drink to put on those cat coasters. Jeez. Here's a mini-moodboard for no real reason other than my blatant neglect of this blog lately.

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Georg Spreng's home, designed by German architecture firm C18, is all clean lines, open-air brightness, and textbook minimalism. More here.


And it was all yellow

I'm kind of in love with the work of Jonti Griffin. Specifically this identity package for Artbuild. (via)

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