Pink Friday

The Renault 4, the third bestselling automobile model in history (and France's bestselling car) recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. And yes, folks that is a pink car; it's for Miss Sixty. Below it is a vintage demo image. All pics via designboom. (see more below)

{last week's pink friday}

And of course, because some of these are vintage and just plain lovely, I posted more, non-pink pics. This one below. This is love.

Check out the painted lattice on the side of this "Parisienne" model. Plus, a taupe car. Come. On. It's taupe! That's like way up there on my list o' fave colors.



Anonymous said...

I love classic cars, but that touch of pink really makes it pop!

I stumbled across your blog randomly but am seriously loving it...


Michaela said...

@velvetandtea -- well, hooray for random stumbling! thanks! your blog is yum, by the way.

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