Pink Friday

Better late than never, right? Amazing photoshoot in Vogue Germany's December 2012 issue. More here.


Pink Friday

You know what's around the corner right? Well here's a fluffy pink kiwi ornament to adorn your tree should you celebrate Christmas. And to be honest, even if I didn't, I'd still want this because it's pretty cute.



I am obsessed with this identity designer Eric Kass (Funnel) did for photographer Mary Daros. Silver letterpress over one of Daros' original photography.



It'll come back around

Etiquette on Etsy has a bunch of toggle hoods for sale, and these four prints are my favorite. I've not come across hoods like these anywhere (or hoods at all, really), and I think they're pretty cool. That navajo print is very on-trend and makes a perfect pop of color. And then there's this men's vintage (!!!) Pendleton wool pea coat below, which is just...I mean, one of you seriously needs to buy this.


Pink Friday

Here's another Pink Friday you can own. Buy this "In The Crowd" print by tictoctac here. Have a fab weekend!


Right up my alley

I'm not much of a "serious" jewelry person, but the few little trinkets that I do own, you'll notice a theme: I love animal jewelry. I neeeeeed these. (and yes, I know, number four is a dude)

one / two / three / four / five / six (Some of these are "borrowed" from my to the nines pinboard.)
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