Three and a half

Oh man, remember these? If you don't, then you must be way young, because I'm only two and twenty and I spent half my life with these suckers. As in, the last two computers I've owned didn't even have anywhere to stick them in. It's actually pretty appropriate that I post these lovely little things (story time, kiddies!). A few weeks ago, I ceremoniously cleaned out my closet for spring. It took two days and four 40-gallon trash bags full of donateable clothes, but I finally have a place to put the things I actually wear, and I freed up like 40 hangers. In the process, I found three floppy disks! I took them apart and cut up the actual disk (for privacy, yo!), and just as I was about to throw them out, I thought "Someone could really make something out of this." I even made a lame attempt in the way I cut it (like a flower!), but in the end, I was just so up-to-here in dust that I let it go. Oh well.

These are by Bill Zindel, discovered in Kate Spade's Behind the Curtain (<--great source of inspiration!). Check out his photostream; it's a treasure trove.

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