Pink Friday

This painting by Misato Suzuki is called Early Summer Rain. Honestly, I was looking through my links thinking I had run out of Pink Friday's, but then I happened upon this and all was right in the world (dramatic). I've been scarce this week, so here's to a lovely weekend. Enjoy.


I'm a fan

Here's one for the makeup-obsessed. I've always loved Topshop's makeup packaging. It's downright iconic at this point. So I was happy to stumble upon its designer, Sarah Thorne's portfolio recently. And guess what? All her other work? Pretty much spot on. I am officially a fan. Some favorites (including Topshop) below:


Out of season

The way Sasha Kurmaz photographed these flowers makes them look too perfect to be real. Actually, they remind me scientific illustrations. Absolutely stunning.



Pink Friday

I did a NYFW-related Pink Friday last week, and here we go again. I should have waited for London. This filmy pink dress from Christopher Kane's most recent collection features appliqu├ęs that have seemingly been attached using random pieces of black electrical tape. It's all deliberate, of course. And that isn't tape either. But that's the point, isn't it? The charm is in the juxtaposition.


Cat Fancy

Studio Lin has been responsible for designer fashion label, United Bamboo's cat campaign for a couple years now. And I suppose because "put a cat on it" is the new "put a bird on it" (and I'm actually serious), these felines really do make the perfect spokespersons.


For your thoughts

Now that's a good use of space. Jacqueline Lou Skaggs does these gorgeous little (and I do mean little) paintings on found, discarded pennies. The texture here really is something else.

(discovered here)


Easy to please

Le it be known that I am easily entertained by charming animal illustrations. I know that's seems really specific, but it's true. Now please check out these works by Franco Matticchio whilst I wipe a tear from my happy eyes. (via 50 Watts)


Pink Friday

So New York Fashion Week came to a close recently, and while there were many things that caught my eye (I'm looking at you, Thakoon), surprisingly, for a a spring season, nearly none of my favorites were pink. But these few pieces from Thakoon Addition and J.Crew sure were pretty spiffy, not to mention wearable. That striped cardi/shrug thing needs to be in my life.


Through a filter

One look at these pieces by Vasilisa Forbes and I was in love. But you know this. I'm running out of ways to say "I love this kind of work".



These photographs by Frederic Fontenoy are of blood and milk mixing together. Yep. It actually makes a whole lot of sense when you think about the differing consistencies of those two fluids: one sticky and slightly coagulated, the other considerably less so. They duel together nicely, taking turns giving way, their colors blending so beautifully, or not blending at all. And for the record (oh, you better believe I checked), yes, blood is thicker than milk.

(discovered here)


They're called plumes

If you're familiar with my fear of certain birds, you'll understand the fascination here. It's so easy to get dark when there are wings involved, and you really see that in this photography series, Pigeons by Imke Klee. Did you know pigeons came in this many gorgeous colors? I sure didn't. Seriously though, check out the full set.


Pink Friday

A pouch by Blackbird and the Owl made an appearance on the blog once in an It's in the Bag post. Here are some cute pink options for your Friday :) Have a good one.


Cross Promotion

Things have a way of crossing over with all the little quasi-blogs (Tumblr, Pinterest) I've taken on in addition to this place. But what you notice is that you always tend to like the same things. You like what you like. And right now, I love this color palette. Spotted on Pinterest, and good ole' Tumblah.

(via Magazinewall / Leif)


Two Too Pretty

This collection from Giambattista Valli is so stunning, it's giving me "Erdem-on-steroids" vibes. And that dress goes so well with this painting by Chicago-based artist, Rachel Niffenegger. A cascade of messy blooms is always a good way to go.


Clever color

Just giving you a heads up, but this week is shaping up to be kind of a colorful one on the blog. Today's color block-ery is courtesy of photographer, Bernd Westphal, and he sure has a way with color (he also deals with the absence of it in a nice way, but that's another story).

And of course, it's always a good thing to remember...

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