A little premature, but still true. My best friend of ten years (ten years!) is moving to Japan next month. Let's just see how much of a wreck I'm going to be (spoiler alert, this could get really ugly). Because it's getting down to the wire now. April has never felt closer. I already miss our weirdness and our epic conversations about the "future", our random shopping trips and Starbucks roundtable talks. Our stupid, stupid pictures--we have those down to a science. Not to mention our effortless understanding of each other's conundrums ("You get what I'm saying?" "Yes, I do."). What a great American decade.

For bestie, know that the sentiment below is always relevant when it comes to you, even after all this time (and you haven't even moved yet!).

For everyone else, this piece is by Elle of A Slippery Maiden. Check out her photostream and shop. Super duper paper and felt crafts abound, and she's Filipina, like me!


S Kong said...

holy crap! what are we going to do when she leaves? i'm not planning on wearing any makeup lest i ruin it crying.

Michaela said...

I try not to think about it...*thinks about it*... Shit.

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