Likeness and Presence

Here at Two and Twenty, we (and by "we", I mean "I") are in the habit of pairing two or more unrelated, but visually parallel images. It's a habit we (again, I) hate to break. Sometimes you just can't ignore the resemblances. Submitted for your approval: Models in Window by Ormond Gigli (1960), plus the Bagar storage unit by Brikolor. Links below.

(sources: "Models in Window" via pasteled / Brikolor:Bagar via designboom )


Gregory said...

They are very very similar but I am in love with the first image... the second one not as much but I still like it!


crystal glamour said...

cool post
btw did my follow appear?
i dont know why but for some reason sometimes my name doesnt appear?


Michaela said...

@Michelle -- I don't think so. It's ok, though. I do have some weird issue with followers' names not showing up even though I know for sure that they're following (old friends of mine). Just as long as you're enjoying it, it's all good!

@Gregory -- A repeat customer! Why thank you for visiting again, kind sir! Great blog, btw. Classin' it up!

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