Identity: The Buccaneer

Feast your eyes on this stunning identity set done for former Charleston restaurant, The Buccaneer, by designer Alvin Diec. Although the establishment closed its doors in 2010 (bad economy, wouldn't you know), this material is still pretty spiffy.


A study

Help, my painter's envy is showing. I blame these gorgeous works by Mark Horst. (also on Flickr)


Kin Ship Press

Put an animal on just about anything, and I'm a fan. I love these quirky-cool shirts and shams by Kin Ship Press on Etsy. And from now until November 30th, you can get 10% off your order and free shipping! (using this code: KSPHOLIDAY ) Just in time for your holiday gift buying.


Pink Friday (which also just happens to be Black Friday)

Funny how that works out, yeah? Probably the only thing that trumps Thanksgiving in terms of fanfare or what have you, is the morning after. It's the biggest shopping day of the year, folks! If you're stateside and observe this pseudo-holiday, then happy trails and good deals to you! And if you're not willing to brave the crowds, then stay indoors and have a cup of something hot on my behalf, because I'm going! Everyone outside the US, go ahead and have that something hot anyway, you deserve it. It is the weekend after all. Cheers!

EDITED to say: The URL to my Tumblr blog is now http://twoandtwentyweekends.tumblr.com/ You'll see me as "twoandtwentyweekends" on your dash if you're following from Tumblr. It's the same blog, just named so because that's where to "find" me on days when this place is quiet – weekends. Link in the sidebar.

source: bruce weber / via matchbook mag


Seriously? It's Thanksgiving already?

My fam and I are not the turkey eating type, not being from around here and all. But we don't shy away from a little food baby-inducing merriment. We'll be buffet-ing it up at Todai, then we'll be up before the birds for Black Friday post food-coma. Have a safe and happy holiday, for those of you who celebrate it!

source: anthro on tumblr

Camera Obscura

Okay, hold the phone, because these photographs by Abelardo Morell are nothing short of amazing. The reflections on the walls weren't put there via Photoshop or projector, but by a photography technique called camera obscura. Basically the rooms in the photos are completely darkened while a small pinhole is cut through whatever curtain is blocking the outside light. That pinhole exposes the view from the window onto the opposite wall. That's a watered-down explanation of the centuries-old technique; more on camera obscura here. Pretty cool, huh?

 (discovered via Design Crisis)


Sweater weather

I hate being warm, but I love being bundled up in a giant sweater. So sue me, I'm weird. And if said sweater also happens to be an intarsia knit like the one illustrated above by Robbie Porter, then get the hell out of my way, because I'm all over it. More works from the artist below:



Screenprints from Steady Print Shop. The second one below is destined for "cat lady" greatness.

Once you go black

No, those pics above are not of my own pups. They're snapshots from the Dogs series by photographer, Mark Peckmezian. Lots of charming stuff in here, especially if you're a breed loyalist like me. So much character in these little boogers' portraits.

A note on why I chose these particular shots: I have two Pugs – one fawn, and one black. This isn't news. I love them both (again, this isn't news). I'm one of those people who is obsessed with her dogs. Now, while they're both too adorable for words, Louie, the fawn, tends to attract more attention in public than Leo, my black Pug. I attribute this to Louie's chill demeanor and expert bitchface, but I digress. Anyone lucky enough to have had both a black and a fawn Pug at the same time will tell you that the latter have at least twice the personality and energy of the former. In other words, my little Leo – God love him – is a giant handful. This is a dog who gets upset when his toy falls off the couch, and cries while I prepare his dinner because he's so excited to eat. He also has no concept of personal space, and thus annoys Louie to no end. The two of them, they make a great team. And although he's kinda crazy, I love the hell out of Leo.

(discovered here)


Pink Friday

What's in store for this week's Pink Friday? A beautiful pink rug from Loom that may be just what you need to pull that space of yours together.

Sorry there was no post yesterday. Funny story, a few months ago I found out I was allergic to the cold (I'm not kidding), and since I live in Illinois, where it's very cold right now, I had to up my allergy meds Wednesday night. Which leads to super groggy sleepiness, which of course leads to no posting on Thursday morning. Luckily on days this place is quiet, there's always this and this. <---(seriously check those out)

Stay warm, folks! And have a great weekend!


Out of context

Am I the only one with a headache and too much to do? Excuse me while I go curl up in a little ball. Meanwhile, a little Wednesday morning treat for you today, courtesy of John Clang. More below:


Pretty little book covers

Pretty Little Book Covers is such a sweet little collection. These are just a few faves from the blog.

Oh, hey! Pretty Little Book Covers is on Tumblr, and now, so is Two and Twenty! Link in the sidebar right above the Twitter button. Or click right here.


Favorites from Zara's newest

How many times a year do you think I can blog about Zara's look books before folks are sick of 'em? Because I'm not sick of 'em – far from it. These are some favorites from their November look book, and I am in love with all this mix of textures and print. And an ikat skinny pant never hurt anyone.

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Pink Friday

Pink Flamingo prints – buy 'em over at I Need Nice Things. Have a great weekend! (btw, it's 11-11-11 today...anyone getting married?)

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Stockings, of all things.

When I came across these Strathcona Stockings trouser socks yesterday, I immediately had visions of pairing the floral ones with some oxfords or brogues. Their light-weight, silky stockings are hand-printed, making each one unique. Now, is it shitty of me to show you things on here that are no longer available for purchase? Because lovely as they are, many are sold out. But if it's any consolation, that middle pair up there with the cosmos print hasn't even come out yet! And the one below is still for sale on Strathcona's Etsy shop (along with a few others that are just wonderful!). They're very Stella McCartney with the whole citrus thing going, right? (discovered at Aviary Studio)

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Can't go wrong with...

…a little vintage advertising poster inspiration. Some works featured in the 1971/1972 issue of Graphis Annual, via the nonist.

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Yes, this really exists.

One little thing before we start. You may notice this new button in the left sidebar. Any of you guys on Tumblr? Because, yes, Two and Twenty now has a Tumblr (Woo-hoo!). For all those little things too short on content to blog here, or too repetitive to pin on Pinterest. I already had an account previously, and can't believe it took me this long, but got the push when peeps started tumbling things from here. Now all that uncategorized stuff goes in there (because I'm a total nutcase who just needs to be everywhere). 

There was once a time way in the beginning of Two and Twenty (earlier this year), back when it had very little traffic, that I thought about just transferring the whole blog over there. But it would have been unwieldy with the number of posts already on here, and not a good fit for the amount that I like to write. So anyway, give it a look, and maybe even a follow if you're feeling generous. In the meantime, back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Texture, layers, and a muted but rich palette reminiscent of a bustling city in the winter. You'd think I was describing my ideal cold weather uniform, but I'm talking about this awesome little thing by Singapore design studio, A Beautiful Design. So cool, no? Here's a little taste of what's on the inside:

discovered here



So glad to have stumbled on these paintings by Santiago Salvador yesterday. So simple, colorful, charming, and yes, occasionally a little raunchy (but you won't be seeing those here). I was drawn to them immediately.


Little doodles

Happy Monday! Here's just a couple of little doodles...by Little Doodles. I've totally been slacking around here. I attribute that statement to not having a pink thing up for Friday for the first time ever. But alas, the week is young, and I've got a lot of bookmarks. Enjoy.


Oh hey, did you hear?

So apparently Urban Outfitters now has an online Suit Shop for all you dapper young dudes in need of a wardrobe change. Let me just say, I love a (preferably well-tailored) suit on a guy. Not everyone can pull it off, but for those scruffy gents who can wear the hell out of a suit, please, have at it.

Now obviously, these aren't custom, but it's good for when you wanna clean up without looking too put together. Brands include Ben Sherman, Volcom, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen, Charles & 12, and more. Here's a video promo:

(sources: GQ / UO on Vimeo)

Save the date

No, I'm not getting married. These have been making the rounds for a while now, but they're still a favorite of mine. Lauren, of Spencer Studio, is responsible for these charming little hand-painted cards, and also makes invites and commissioned paintings.

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