Color theory

Kicking my own ass over how perfect and simple these File Under posters by Mark El-khatib and Ray O'Meara are. If you look closely, you'll see a fine wood grain beneath the wash of color. I especially love the last one (and the first, because come on, it's pink). A graphic design teacher of mine used to have an issue with gradients. It was a running joke in class. I don't think it was gradients specifically she had a problem with, but the execution, which I completely understand and agree with. A gradient between vastly different colors in the hands of a student is a terrifying thing. I jest (somewhat). Of course when done correctly and without irony, a good gradient goes a long way. In fact I think some designers play around with them just to prove that it can be done. Okay, I'm done with my uppity gradient rant, enjoy the pretty. (source: but does it float)


Cover up

Images take on such a different texture and feel when combined with other media, in this case, paint. You have to wonder what lies beneath the veil of pigment in these works by Claire Falkenberg:

(discovered on Abundance // The Jealous Curator)


Pink Friday

I've been a little slack-y on blogging this week due to having to take care of Leo and his stitched up ear. He likes to scratch at it at three in the morning, so that's been fun *please note the sarcasm*. I'm pretty sure he ripped a stitch, so a call to the vet is in order. Ugh, the thought makes me cringe. Other than that, he's been doing really well. 

Anyway, on to Pink Friday... this vintage magazine ad from Japan is so wonderfully pink and simple – two very good things to be. Hope you guys have a restful weekend. (Image via 50 Watts)


Happy Birthday, Leo!

This little guy sure had a big week, and now he's tuning eight! Happy birthday, little love. You've come a long way from the pomegranate box. (images taken with Instagram)

The Sundance Kid

The Sundance Film Festival started late last week and is coming to a close. I like movies as much as the next person, but honestly, my favorite part of film festivals has always been the portraits. They're always super casual and fun, with loads of personality -- the kinds of pictures you probably take with your friends, only for the purpose of promoting and selling a film. Plus it's cold and snowy in Utah, so people are dressed all snuggly warm and adorable. Here's a few portraits from recent days. The ones above are of the stars of "Celeste and Jesse Forever" (via Popsugar), the ones below are from various movie casts at the festival (via EW). My personal fave, because I'm such a big Breaking Bad fan, is the portrait of one Mr. Aaron Paul biting his sweater *sigh*.


California dreamin'

It's all hard angles and endless amounts of light in this Silicon Valley home designed by Swatt Miers Architects. White stucco, mahogany and glass sure make a good palette. The residence is home to a young couple and their two kids and rests on 2.8 acres of land. The design is based on an L-shaped plan with two wings, connected in the middle by a spacious living/dining area flanked with glass. (via ArchDaily)


Mr. Fancy Ears

Yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day at the vet so Leo could have surgery to remove three benign growths on his body. Two were on his chest (turns out they were just fatty deposits, thank goodness), one in his right ear, and he's actually got a fourth lump on his shoulder that we decided didn't have to go since it was aspirated and said to be fine. While he was under, he also got his teeth cleaned, so he's got quite a bright smile. He's now back to his bright-eyed bushy-tailed self. Anyway, the lump removed from his right ear required a tight stitching since there's not a whole lot of skin to work with in there, so for now, and who knows, maybe forever, he's got one "special" ear. I'll admit, the possibility of it healing that way bothered me at first, because he has perfect textbook Pug ears, but the more I look at him, the more endearing his upturned ear becomes. He's a charming little guy, isn't he? If anyone can pull off fancy ears, it's him.

(Images taken with Instagram)


Breakfast club

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Personally, with the exception of the occasional brunch or trip to IHOP, I've never been one for breakfast. Now it's not that I don't enjoy breakfast foods; on the contrary, I actually love them...just not in the morning. I just can't handle real food until past 10 o'clock-ish. But for those of you who indulge in this early morning routine, this photographic series by Sayaka Minemura might tickle your fancy. Hell, it tickled mine. More here.



Forgotten Bookmarks

What do you guys use as bookmarks? Post-its? Business Cards? Actual, honest to goodness bookmarks? What about love letters, photographs, drawings, and grocery lists? That's exactly what you'll find at Forgotten Bookmarks, the blog-turned-book by used and rare bookseller, Michael Popek. Buy the book here, and pop a bookmark in it.


I would LOVE to eat here

Wouldn't you? Amelie and Friends is a sweet little spot located in Chichester, West Sussex, and the place was designed by 44th Hill. I can just imagine the restaurant wafting with warmth and conversation on a daily basis. And as you know (or maybe you don't), I have a fascination with white walls.

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