Those cats are making my life

Someone give me a cold drink to put on those cat coasters. Jeez. Here's a mini-moodboard for no real reason other than my blatant neglect of this blog lately.

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Georg Spreng's home, designed by German architecture firm C18, is all clean lines, open-air brightness, and textbook minimalism. More here.


And it was all yellow

I'm kind of in love with the work of Jonti Griffin. Specifically this identity package for Artbuild. (via)



I've recently become obsessed(!) with huge, chunky necklaces, so when I discovered these pieces by Shourouk, I ogled them for quite a long time. The Gilda is my favorite, hands down. See more necklaces, including some bracelets (equally bling-y!), here.



Vogue Special Events Associate Phoebe de Croisset shared what she wore to work for a week. Needless to say, it was pretty amazing. More here.



2012 was a biggie. I feel like the blog (which turns two today, yipee!) really found its voice in the past year. Posts slowed down from time to time. In part because I was busy, but also because I was following a pretty good blogging rule: only blog what you love. You don't have to do it everyday. Some days, you just won't find things that inspire you. And that's okay. Leave room for the things that will really wow you, and you can't go wrong. Here are some favorites from the year that was:

1. A great typography project...on an election year!
2. A year of Pink Fridays
3. Collages four ways
4. Some pretty spot-on branding
5. It's in the bag
6. Something for cat people
7. A good use of a really small space
8. Something bright
9. A little shameless cross-promotion
10. I was in the mood for moodboards
11. My favorite photo series of the year

We need to talk about Preen

I'm sensing a little 101 Dalmatians inspo from Preen's Pre-Fall 2013 Collection, non? 


Hello again!

A barrage of inspiration is on our way, folks, especially because in addition to this brand new year, Two and Twenty's second(!) bloggerversary (is that what it's called?) is in three days. I hope you all were able to celebrate a safe, warm holiday season. Stick around with me for the ride.

(photo via Caitlin McGauley)

Two and Twenty Days of Christmas

*This will be a sticky post until New Year's Day. NEW posts are below this one!

I know, I know, I've been Ms. Slacky Slackerson around here lately...and this might actually be the last post of 2012 (don't throw things at me). I've been really busy lately, but I'd never skip this year's Two and Twenty Days of Christmas. So if you're lacking gift inspiration this holiday season, check out this mixed bag of a guide I've curated. It ranges from the quirky and imaginative to functional and basic. Menswear-inspired looks have made the cut as well (dear God, I need that Jackalope sweater in my life). And can I just say, private Pinterest boards are the best thing that ever happened to this post. So without further adieu........enjoy.

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**edit on Monday 11/26 at 1:14PM: Item eight has been changed due to lack of availability.
**edit on Sunday 12/2 at 4:45PM: Item one has been changed due to lack of availability.
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