I've got a sweet tooth

I love the trompe l'oeil treatment done to the surfaces at Melbourne's The Candy Room, a space designed by Red Design Group. It's the perfect, playful companion to the immediate sensory overload customers must get upon entering.


It's In The Bag

Painting by Philip Barlow.

Thought I'd try a little something new today. After seeing this pin, I was reminded of a recent water park trip (I know, it's no ocean, but there was water there, so close enough). It's crazy hot over here, so it had me thinking about what to bring the next time I'm near a swimmable body of water –– manmade or otherwise. Now of course, don't forget your SPF, and maybe a beach read, but as for the other stuff...here's what's in this Aubin & Wills bag:

j.crew sunhat / zimmermann ruffled bikini / the row sunglasses / josie maran lip stain in 'jive' / donut float


Can't go wrong with...

Art installation by Wolfgang Laib + a color I never wear but nonetheless love.


Just a whole bunch of them in one place. It packs a punch even when organized like in the collage below. A little something for both sides of your brain today, courtesy of Fotos de Almanaque.


Touch of Gold

That's what you'll find on these porcelain works by Joseph Gower, of New Jersey-based GDG Studios. They certainly magnify the crocheted texture.



I love this series of floral/skull illustrations by Mercedes Baliarda. The graphite drawings are done on tracing paper, layered to achieve this ghostly effect. In quite a few of these, there are teeth involved, but even without them, just the symmetry and placement and suggestion is enough. They're especially striking when viewed all together like they are above.


Tiny Foodies

Let us not underestimate the effect of charm and wit. This photography series by Christopher Boffoli, titled Big Appetites, has both in spades. And the cherry on top, so to speak? The captions. They slay me. (via)


Down to Earth

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

There's something about design based on nature and natural elements that you know is just gonna work. Take this selection of wares from Leif, for example. (And that Marrakech-inspired spoon set? I die.)


Two Too Pretty

When a new season arrives, a new Two Too Pretty ain't far behind. (also, why does my Mac squiggly line "ain't" as a misspelled word, but recognize and define it in the dictionary? Hmm?) Anyway, these two were made for each other:

J. Mendel Resort 2013 dress + I Heart Flowers by Kate Lewis



Let's talk about TV for a second. Random, I know. The Mad Men finale was last week, The Killing's is this weekend, and all week in the wee hours I've been enjoying the randomly-timed Breaking Bad mini-marathons. I'm at that point in the show where all I want to do is bake cupcakes for Aaron Paul. Hey, remember when Walter wasn't a badass? Can't wait for this show to come back, and there's a Walking Dead preview that week, too! Thanks a hoot, AMC.

Have a great weekend! Some links:

- I guess he wasn't her lobster.

- I have a thing for Asian designers with numbers in their brand name.

- Prettiest things I've seen all week.

- Scariest thing I've seen all week.

- A convenient and charming detail-adder.

- A gorgeous DIY project.

- Now those are some stairs.

- And finally, (SPOILER if you haven't watched the show) because I love and already miss Mad Men, and everything he says here is true, a scene.

Pink Friday

It's that time of the week again. Images via Noir Facade.



Do we really need to talk about these animal painting/photo portraits by Charlotte Caron? Let's just enjoy them, shall we? Excuse me while I pin some of these.


Top Hat

I happened upon this collection of paper and desktop products by Top Hat for Madewell, and boy am I smitten. Talk about being inspired by just sitting at your desk.


Brass is class

I have to wonder how rare it is to find not just spaces, but entire homes that are so simply yet cohesively designed. Take this Brooklyn gem, for example, residence to the Mandayam-Vohra family. The kitchen here is a stunner. I've got stars in my eyes for that island countertop and the consistency of the white and brass combo. There's a district lack of color here, designed by Stefanie Brechbuehler, Robert Highsmith, and Ryan Mahoney of Workstead, but there is no starkness. (via Dwell)

And of course, the landmark of every well-designed space is beautiful functionality. See those outlines in the stairs? Those doors open up to reveal understair storage areas. As for the rest of the home (see more of that here), elements like the cabinetry (though the slab hails from North Carolina) were locally sourced, the walls, curtains and finishes left neutral to show off their classic furniture and light fixtures. Everything here just looks like it belongs together.


Le Bisou

The photography and identity styling from pastry shop, Le Bisou Sweets, is pretty, well...sweet!



Photo by Mark Peckmezian. I'm awful quiet here today. Some weekend links below. Have a good one.

- Nothing is truer than this.

- That packaging is enough to get me on board with gloss.

- Yeah, ok, I'm impressed. The fox is a favorite.

- A history of royal hats.

- Cake cravings?

- For the perpetually cold neck.

Pink Friday

I'm in love with these quartz crystal pendants dyed to pink perfection by Dara Baxter. Of course, seeing as this is Pink Friday, I only included these three, but I strongly urge you to check out the rest of the collection here. (This beast, for example, is blowing my mind.)

And of course, a subtler hue with just as much wow:


Two things

I don't have cats, but I certainly embrace my inner cat lady. And I do love me some food (biggest understatement of the year). So this series of illustrations by Ohara Hale called Takeout Cats was right up my alley. These are actually available as prints, so if you want one contact the artist and see more here



Well this is fun! Check out this identity set created by Mind Design for an architecture and interior practice called Blustin Design. I love the simple, fun patterns, and colorful stock. Paired with the minimal typography, the set has a strong presence that really packs a punch.

(discovered on Blackbook Inspired)



Painting on photos – I'm a big fan! Cool way to infuse a little color, geometry, and edge into an otherwise muted (and gorgeous) photo. Photographer, Alexandra Valenti knows what's up, as evidenced by her Painted Images series.

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