Laser cut's the way to go

Madeline Trait is showing us that laser cut is the way to go when it comes to chic, fun party decor. The cake decorations below, for example, are made of a thin wood veneer and can be used as toppers, or wrapped around like a delicate cage.


Branding the US Presidents

Meg Jannott started creating a visual identity for each of the US presidents two months ago, and the result was a Tumblr blog filled to the brim with some pretty sweet typography and graphics. Here are a few faves. (via)


Pink Friday

For his photo series, Broken Flowers, Jon Shireman soaks blooms in liquid nitrogen before using a spring-loaded contraption to slam them into a surface, causing them to shatter. These orchids are just one gorgeous example. (via)


Ladies & Gentlemen

The icing on top of the proverbial cake that kitchen and home decor shop, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, serves up is the way they choose to style their product shoots. My favorite in the shop? The Nyth fruitbowl (pictured below), made with random splatters of color-stained stoneware clay. It's made to mimic a bird's nest.


That little bit of magic

I shouldn't be allowed on 1stdibs. I end up wanting everything, but can afford literally nothing. I do get struck by art there every once in a while, though. Recently by these Yolanda Sanchez paintings. (1 / 2 / 3)


Cut paper

These delicate-looking works of cut paper by Donna Ruff were a remarkable little discovery last week.



I post a lot of collage artists on the blog. I'm a fan of mixed media and am of the belief that there's many ways to do this. You can never have too many and I love sharing discoveries, so here's a few recent finds in one place. Click on the images (or the numbers) to reach the source and see the full works, plus more pieces by each artist.



I live in a space that is Weimaraner taupe and dusty blue *coughTwoandTwentycough*. (1 / 2)


Atelier Beau Travail

I recently discovered these sweet embroidered clutches from Atelier Beau Travail. I'm smitten with the texture. Lots of other cute stuff in there, too, including some jewelry, lamps, and tops. And I really like the way they styled their product photography. Check out their header below:


Pink Friday

This eye makeup look is pretty daring and bright. I'm usually pretty straight-forward when it comes to my makeup, and if I'm going bright, it'll be on the lip (all day, everyday). But hey, if you can rock it, you should definitely try. And that wildlife pattern on the right is just something I found pretty sweet (never too many owls). Have a great weekend.


Nice weather we're having

I don't think I've ever had a user interface design post on the blog before, but this seemed like a good place to start seeing as I'm one of those people who obsessively checks the weather (sometimes while I'm standing outside. True story.) Bill S. Kenney designed this weather app interface using icons by Adam Whitcroft. The result is clean, easy to read, and pretty damn attractive.


You shoulda put a ring on it

Tree rings, that is. The Time Rings Puzzle was designed and handmade by Manu Rapoport and Martin Sabattini (of Designo Patagonia) from the wood of Cyprus trees that have died naturally. Before they were sold out (I know, heavy sighs), they came in two levels: easy and difficult. This would have been such a treasure to own.


Beautiful mess

Creative block? Take a cue from Mia Christopher and grab a sketchbook, sit down, and have at it.



Say that title in a sing-song-y voice, it's Monday after all. These are ads for Metropolitan Printing found in Push Pin Graphic between 1976 and 1980. Seymour Chwast wrote and designed the ads in exchange for services. More here.

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