The Botanist

So many beautiful abstract paintings by Jenny Vorwaller, I didn't know which to choose for this post. Obviously others agree; these two paintings are sold out! Fortunately there's tons more pretty right here.


The Fog

I've always loved this style of photography. Muted and somewhat textured. These are by Emilie Bjork.



These word paintings by Wayne White have been making the rounds. I may or may not have gone to town here, but eleven out of a hundred and seventy two ain't bad, no?


Pink Friday

Aren't these vintage "Challenger Brown" pinky rose colored frames the cutest?!? I found them over at OldFocals on Etsy. Makes me wish I didn't wear contacts (not really). Here are a few more of my favorites from the shop. The first reminds me of Skeeter in the movie, The Help {speaking of which: Andrew and Emma? Super jazzed that this is finally happening.}

Have a great weekend!


Hanky panky

Yes, these are hankies. And yes, that title was too easy. Photography by Molly Stronczek via Photography Served. I've not had internet at home for over a day, bummer. I really hope it's fixed soon, but if it's quiet on here tomorrow, you'll know why.



I hate to admit it, because seasons are so short-lived here no matter which of the four it is, but I am the girl who always bitches and moans about the weather. If it's hot, it's too hot, and if it's cold, well, you get where I'm going here. And then of course, when the colder edge of fall rolls around, even though I pretty much complained my way through three months worth of heat, I am sadly the first one to cry (not really) about not being able to wear dresses daily. I have problems okay? Christ. Where was I? Oh yeah. End of summer, feeling blue, that's where these adorable necklaces and earrings from Howkapow come in. See, there was a point in there somewhere. Links:

1. Suzie Earring
2. Brad Necklace
3. Sheila Necklace


No, I'm not sorry for anything

Have I told you how much I love the movie Inception? I'm sure I've mentioned it before. (And those of you who know for sure, I love you the most-est no matter where you are.) True story, I have an Inception infographic in my phone. For impromptu plot debates on the go, of course. I might be getting away from the point here. If you've seen the movie, you may be familiar with the song above, used in the soundtrack. And if you haven't, well, these are still pretty cute. (and the first could be a weekend DIY project if you invest in a heart puncher!). Get the Personalized Little Stone Hearts and Non Jen Ne Regrette Rien Print at Sarah & Bendrix on Esty.



Verdigris -- the greenish blue patina which forms on copper, bronze or brass materials after being exposed to the elements (think Liberty, boo). It's fun to say, it's fun to look at (like the Chicago Public Library roof!). Lately, I've been loving this shade on my nails, and with summer on it's way out the door (along with all my hopes and dreams *big sigh*), I can't think of anything more appropriate. Links below:

5. Iris (this one's just fun)


Pink Friday

Oh, and of course, this Kate Spade pic is cute and pink, too. I'm lamely excited about this no more drop shadows on images business because now I can have images that seem to float (like this one), and odd-shaped images (like, oh I don't know, circles?) without that pesky, awkward border. And it took me long enough to find code for it, bleh.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend!

{last week's pink friday}


The kids are alright

Every (<-- and I use this word quite loosely, so relax) twenty-something fashionista without kids (but wants them) promises herself, "One day, when I'm good and ready, I'm gonna have myself a little one. And I'll dress him/her better than I did when I was a babe. It's gonna be swell." Alright, so maybe the wording isn't quite the same, but in an ideal world, right? Because seriously. Have you ever been in kids' section of say, Zara? It's awesome. And why shouldn't it? Why shouldn't the little ones have the very best?

And that's where French children's boutique, Bonpoint comes in. Check out these photos from their Summer 2011 advertising campaign. Makes me wish I was this well dressed when I was six or seven-ish. (but then again I lived in a tropical climate. Doubt the tweed would have been comfortable.)


The truth about cats and scanners

In the last few weeks, I've discovered two great Tumblr blogs. The first is this (I realize confession Tumblrs are rampant right now, but if you knew me, you'd understand). And the second, is The Cat Scan. The premise is simple: if you have a cat and you have a scanner, place your cat on the scanner and send in the image. Boom! Instant, surprisingly artsy art. The results kind of remind me of Andy Denzler paintings (that's a fantastic post for another time). You get a nice fuzzy cat tush and maybe a paw of four (or five in some cases!). And you know cats; they love a nice warm surface on which to nap.



Feeling very collage-y today thanks to these works by Paris based design studio, Ma + Chr. Some related linkage before you get down to business: Flickr / Tumblr / Mathilde Aubier (the Ma in Ma + Chr) / Christine Delaquaize (the Chr). I could pretty much stalk each of these sites all day just staring at this stuff. Right up my alley.


Home stylin'

Happy Monday, lovely ones! Feast your eyes on the stunning work of Jarlath Mellett, a Manhattan based design studio founded by seasoned fashion and interior designer, Jarlath Mellett. The studio's portfolio boasts tons of ooh-and-aah-worthy spaces that blend style, comfort, and utility. Jarlath Mellett also has a shop, where you'll find some of the most gorgeous wallpaper, furniture, and more. Featured here are a few favorite rooms.


Pink Friday

I've been eyeing this tote from Field Guided for a while. The fact that it's fluorescent pink seals the deal. Have a great weekend, everyone!

{last week's pink friday}


Spruce up your home...

...with these gorgeous furnishings from Spruce on Esty! I discovered the Austin, TX based design studio through this pin, featuring the rosy couch below, and I'm seriously in love (I know I say that a lot, but I only ever put what I love on here). It's the quirky sort of dream furniture that just goes perfectly with a loft, and those wonderful white walls I'm so fond of. Links to all the merch below this purty little couch down here.

This post features the Midnight Jasmine Chair, Can't Shake the Blues Side Table, Painting the Roses Red Sofa, Dragon Slayer Sofa, and Cold as Ice Sofa. The names of these things tickle me, too. Gotta love Esty.

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