Identity: Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

It's the hippest Chinese eatery on the block...well, Vancouver's block anyway. I'm loving Bao Bei's identity design, handled by Glasfurd & Walker in early 2010. I especially like the pressed hardboard used as a rigid backing for their menus. I'm seeing it repeated on the clipboards lining the walls. 

Recently I purchased a fancy schmancy portfolio book made of pressed hardboard (there was a huge debate between that and the frosted plastic, but the hardboard won). I'm all about the slightly off-beat, retro-ness of the material. Plus it's durable. It certainly lends itself well to the modern graphic elements here.

(I realize that commercial graphic design doesn't often make an appearance on this blog, but it totally should, being my trade and all! Note to self: when it's fab, it makes an appearance.)

(sources: Glasfurd & Walker / discovered on Graphic-ExchanGE)

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