Pink Friday

Such is life, right? Not that it's related, but I'm glad to have this week behind me. After being sick the week before, I'm finally back to eating like my normal, burger-loving self. (It's almost like being sick for two weeks when you can't look at french fries without feeling weird, and a world without fries is a dismal place indeed) Add to that actually being able to get stuff done even though I'm a serial procrastinator. Planning on really getting down to business this weekend, though. Happy Friday, everyone!

(source: Hannes Beer)

Black white and red all over

On a day I usually reserve for the color pink, a little high contrast loving by Jesse Draxler for you. If you've been on here before, you know I love a good collage. And a sketchbook? All the more. Check out this red target below, and some pretty cool face collages right after.


House of figs

No, your eyes aren't fooling you, those are figs up there. I thought they were mushrooms at first, actually. A few years ago, I wouldn't know a fig if it hit me in the face, but then I had a fig, bacon, and havarti omelette, and the tides turned. Okay, enough of the fig talk. These colorful paintings are the work of David Mramor. Feels a bit spring-like around here, doesn't it? More here.


I sing the body electric

If I had to describe the usual trend of posts here at Two and Twenty, I'd say it's a whole bunch of collages punctuated by moments of fashion. But then I looked over at the tag cloud in the sidebar and noticed I was wrong – there are way more illustrations on here than anything else. And the fashion tag is huge, so it's not just "moments" apparently. I must not be paying attention.

Anyway, these two are by Anthony Zinonos. Way more collage-y goodness over here.


Two Too Pretty

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 + Agenda PLM inside cover (1926).

In Modica

Casa Talia is the name of this group of small homes located in Modica, Italy, designed by architects Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta. I can't get over the tile work in these two rooms (kitchen/living room + bedroom), as well as this open air sitting room (furnished with what looks like Ikea chairs!). So earthy and removed from the everyday. It's the perfect atmosphere for getting lost in your thoughts. When you can find inspiration in the curve of the walls, you know it's a good space.

(source: arch daily / via Anthology Magazine)

Also finally, I love when a bathroom has a little outdoor element to it. I suppose it has to do with the water. Bathrooms can easily get stuffy, and closed in, and yes, very wet. If it's muggy, and you have a window to open, all the better. (Although I suspect you can't here in this instance below, since it looks to be a basement bath, but you get where I'm going with this.) So many things are right here. It's open, but it's private — so you get the natural light without feeling like too much of an exhibitionist. It's taking advantage of that often problematic basement window (notorious flooders) by putting a bed of cacti down (genius!). The fixtures are minimalist, but modern, juxtaposed by what I can assume are vintage tiles. And to keep it even more open and modern , I'm pretty sure that line going down the picture is the edge of a glass partition separating the shower from the rest of the space. Love it. As in, if I had a gazillion dollars, I'd build a bathroom with a chunk of the wall opened up into a teeny tiny garden.


The Herd

These prints by Meagan Donegan are giving me serious painting/drawing envy. I mean look at them. I've made it known that can't paint to save my life. I can draw realistically, but rarely do so unless I have to. (Most of my "required" drawing is of the sketch-y variety) So anytime I see a well-composed, technique-heavy piece made with good old graphite or oils, I tip my metaphorical hat and slow-clap in my head. By the way, these three illustrations below (and yes, the bottom right is indeed a beard of bees) were stained with blue bottle espresso after they were drawn. So on top of being pretty cool on their own right, they've been taken to another level by the stain. Big sigh. Buy everything here.


Pink Friday

God, the week just flies by doesn't it? You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it just doesn't get slower. Here's to getting stuff done. Have a great weekend, friends. Images via pilllpat.


Indirect references to Fashion Week

We've been very fashion-y around here lately. Stripes and color blocking: I don't care if they are all over the place, I still love them. Just check out these fashion illustrations by Daphne van den Heuvel.


You disgruntled little thing...

Totally digging this photo set, "She was a fifties housewife" by Jen Gotch. I'm sure some of you ladies can relate to this little doll, found at a flea market and immortalized in stills.

I quite like this one down here: proper brainstorming posture if you ask me.


Meanwhile, in London

Oh hey, London Fashion Week! Almost didn't see you there. Dudes, London is a gold mine. Lovely things came out from across the pond these past few days. I would post a little something something everyday if it didn't get annoying. But for now, I've got these picks from Burberry Prorsum and Peter Pilotto.

First thing's first. Can we talk about that coat up there for a minute? I have a thing for coats (Chicago weather, don't you know). I was tempted to put one of Burberry's many iterations of their signature trench, but this one slays me. The texture of that thing, and the fact that the nova check is ENORMOUS but surprisingly doesn't scream "I'm wearing Burberry!"—it's an interesting balance to have struck. Graphic and bold and absolutely classic. So thank you, Christopher Bailey, or whoever is responsible for this magic. You've got me drooling for a new coat. Again. Meanwhile...

This was happening over at Peter Pilotto. You know as well as I do, love is in the details. Lots going on here. I won't spoil it with words. Just that I'm loving these hard. *Especially the first two (and the last two).

And there you go. I felt kinda bad, only posting about Erin Fetherston during NYFW (plus this little snippet from Derek Lam), when I really do have a bunch of favorites. Among them, Erdem (always a fave) and Phillip Lim (again, always a fave). Can't you tell how girly I am just from those three? We'll see how many more LFW posts will come down the pike. I've got a feeling this won't be the last. (pics via style.com)

*Notice how the Pilotto dress on the bottom left is pretty much the same dress as the one on the top right but with sleeves and sans belt? Designers and design-y people, you know how when you discover and make something so fab that you also feel the need to produce versions of it? I LOVE when that happens. I love when even the outtakes of something are so good, you can't choose — so you just make them all. I know I said no words, it's just that it's my favorite part of the design process, which in itself I could wax poetic about forever. OK, I'm done. Go on your merry way.


Two Too Pretty

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably already saw these, but I just couldn't help myself. It's too good. The first is vintage, I believe, so I don't know who made the dress. The second is by Matthew Brannon.

(sources: tokyo bleep / Matthew Brannon)


Pink Friday

Ball point pen painting by Shane McAdams. So pretty right? Actually, pretty doesn't even cover half of it. Have a fantastic weekend!


Hazy days

{photo sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 }

So this is what summer looks like in my mind's eye. Pretty hazy, but always pretty nonetheless. Hey, remember when it all began? It's nearing it's end just as quickly as it got here. What do you have to show for your summer days? Me? I've got a ridiculous double scar on my lower back following the indents of my spine from an afternoon spent in a wave pool. Those man-made waves really do pack a punch, and sent me crashing towards the "shore" with my back scraping the ground the entire way. Yep. It hurt. Those pool floors are textured for traction after all. So that was my summer souvenir. What's yours?

Cut + paste

In the digital world we occupy, designers tend to forget about the delicate art of pen and paper. Of course, there are ways to cheat this via Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, but nothing beats actually going manual. And there's no other way to do it, but to do it. Anytime I need a little hand-crafted inspiration, the work of Luci Everett  of Happiness Etc is forever in my bookmarks bar. I la-la-love it. I really do. (And also, I noticed that due to Fashion Week and a lack of new shoes in my possession, this place has been very accessorized lately. So welcome back, graphic design!)


Shoes. I like 'em.

I really really do. I'm partial to ballet flats in leopard print, snake, and metallics. Heels are fun and I can actually walk in them, but good luck trying to get me in them unless I absolutely have to, which is why these chunky, stable heels are so appealing. And of course, there's nothing a love more than pairing a menswear inspired loafer or oxford with some loose, feminine frock. See (and buy) them all here. US residents, say hello to Zara online shopping!

Good ole Anthro

Every once in a while, I like to browse through the new house and decor goods over at Anthropologie. Good ole Anthro, you never fail to provide design eye candy. Links (left, right, left, right):

Howell Wingback chair in blue leather / Gold Ikat Shag Rug / Twin Beacons Lamp / Acara Single Switchplate / Fountain Knob (center)


Two things

I'll admit. I really do pay attention to fashion week. And I can tell you that color-wise, Spring/Summer 2012 looks just as bright and color-blocky as the last six months. Fine by me! Celebrate in style with this pear green suede clutch by NK Henry Editions and octahedron howlite necklace by MothHouse.

Future spring

This makes me sad, because fall's not even really here yet, but it's already sorta chilly. Gone are the days of daily dresses sans cardigan. Erin Fetherston Spring 2012 Ready to Wear.

Can't go wrong with...

...smoky army green. It is fall, after all. Try it on an antique chandelier lamp from 86 For The Home, or this *Men's canvas and leather carryall from Forestbound.

(*which I'm quite fond of as a lady, looks great as a laptop bag).


Two Too Pretty

10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012 + Michael Cina collage. Hello Fashion Week (a very late hello, but whatever. I have weekends off on this place.)

Hold on, I need a second

I posted a little snippet of Jon Contino's work about a week ago without even knowing who was responsible for the textured typography goodness. But now, I can't get enough. This is all hand-drawn type as far as I know (except maybe for William Faulkner up there). It's got quite a bit of grit to it, which I always appreciate. It reminds the viewer that a human hand was involved.


Pink Friday

Happy Friday! Illustration by Liam Stevens.

It's true...

Pinned here and here. Have you ever had a quail egg? I used to love them as a snack when I was a kid. Get some protein in there! They're these adorable little speckled eggs, and look almost like a white/milk marbled chocolate truffle. I liked them hard-boiled. Here they're presented as hors d'oeuvres. And then of course there's that collage-y thing on the left. Now design-wise, I love transparency. I love what things look like through a filter or block of color, especially the grain of an old black and white photograph. The multiply transparency in Photoshop is my best friend. I realize these two pics aren't exactly relevant to each other in subject, but each is just so good in it's own way, and oddly enough (not that odd, really), they kinda look good together, no?


...aaaaaand I'm crying.

So, I'm sitting here, trying to read chapters on web design, not getting anywhere with any of that by the way. I've been at this for a while, and I'm just not retaining information. You ever been that distracted and procrastinate-y? Yes, yes of course you have. Anyway, I ordered a pizza, and they forgot the garlic sauce (the best part!), and now I'm really getting away from the point here which is...look at these fucking brownies. Just look at them. All is right in the world at the sight of these Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Cadbury Cream Egg brownies from Gingerbread Bagels (recipes included). That'll speed up productivity. So yeah, I'm not actually crying. But I am on the inside. Where it counts.


A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how these cat scans (and they literally are scans of cats) reminded me of the work of Andy Denzler. Well here they are. I've loved these for quite some time. Kinda surprised his work hasn't made it to the blog sooner.


In the beginning

Me and my undying love for muted palettes *sigh*. The first is a collaboration between Jaime C. Knight and Lena Wolff, the second is just Lena Wolff.


The Unbearable "Likeness" of Being

I cannot for the life of me get over how perfectly appropriate these celebrity then and now collages by George Chamoun are. The project is officially named Iconatomy, derived from the words, "icon" and "anatomy." The collages involve combining images of two different actors, one classic, the other being his or her contemporary counterpart. The two individual pictures in each collage have not been altered to fit each other, which meant a lot of photo research on the artist's part to get it just right (and this is where we all bow down to Mr. Chamoun). Details on who is featured in which collage at the end of the post (though I'm sure you're quite familiar).

(top to bottom: George Clooney and Cary Grant / Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor / Natalie Portman and Audrey Hepburn / Robert Pattinson and James Dean / Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe)
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