The life aquatic

Once again, found on letslookupandsmile's photostream. Illustrated by Robert Duvoisin in 1965 for "Hide and Seek Fog" by Alvin Tesselt. I told you that photostream was good.

Foggy days at the beach, which if I had to guess is what it's like down by the lake right now. It's weird. As I've said before, I live in the generally cold and dreary state of Illinois. (It really is lovely, though. Have you seen our city?) I want it to be summer, but I don't want the time to pass so quickly. The imminent departure of a certain someone may have a little (and by little, I mean everything) to do with that. Now. Exactly how does one express the heaviest of sighs online? Hmm?

(sources: 1 / 2 )


featherfactor said...

Absolutely gorgeous illustrations! Thank you for posting, I looked through your blog and you are so talented!


Michaela said...

@featherfactor -- Oh, not I, surely! I just post works from others that inspire me, things that I enjoy, and I'm glad you do, too!

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