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Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 shoe detail + yet another collage by Virginia Cheverria (vir.gen).

ETA**Folks, it's that time of year again, so I'm gonna take every opportunity to bask in the warm, albeit sometimes sucky and thunder-y, glow of summer! Which means posting 'round here is gonna slow to every other day for a while. On the other hand, inspiration is freely flowing over at my Pinterest on the daily. 



So here's what I found out after only a few days on Pinterest: apparently I'm way in to floral. I had no idea. Here's what I pinned this week:

*no blog tomorrow; long weekend, after all. 

(sources: J.CREWING / Designspiration / Saipua / soykuriosa / Colette Saint Yves )


Two bags and a jaunty heel

Because I'm feeling festive and summery all of a sudden, even though two days ago felt like winter again over here. Links below.

1. Coined Clutch
2. Textile Trade Tote
3. Jaunty Bow Heels


Pink Friday

Can't go wrong with hot pink and leopard. Hope you had a good week (and caught Oprah's farewell episode). Here's to a great weekend. And if you haven't already, check out my Pinterest. If you need an invite, comment or something (I'll need your email address, so DM me on Twitter or email it to michaelavelasco22@gmail.com). It's too much fun.

{last week's pink friday}



Odds & ends

Fashion designer, Erin Fetherston's got a few of these porcelain glove molds in her home. Get some (among other things) for yourself from Lackluster Co. Links below.

1. Porcelain glove mold
2. 1950s litho criticism sign
3. Green glass mannequin head


Like water for chocolate

These abstract paintings by Michael Cina take on such an organic, seafoam-y feel, don't they? I'm majorly into all things water right now.

Like everyone, I tend to go nuts for one thing at a time. At one point on the blog it was pattern, then it was paper, then things that were billowy and soft. Went through a huge brights phase, and of course vintage anything is always good. So I guess now, I'm really drawn to water. Few days ago, there were poolside and lake pics here, and now this. Swimsuits are even crowding my Pinterest (yep, I've got one of those now, so fun!). It's summer, yo! Enjoy.

Two and Twenty is on Pinterest!

So, yeah, I'm totally on Pinterest now (button to get there is also in the sidebar under Twitter). If you're not familiar, Pinterest is a virtual collection where you can "pin" interesting pics from anywhere on the web (read the official blurb on Pinterest here). Have you ever looked through a book or magazine and find something so beautiful, you wanna cut it out and save it? That's basically what it is (sans the scissors, magazines and giant boxes full o' scraps).

I'm all about design inspiration (What? Seriously?!), and am a woman of many different moods. One day I'm all into pattern, next I'm all about collages. Point is, much as I would love to, I can't blog everything I find interesting and inspiring, but I can pin it. And so can you! Right now, admission into Pinterest is by invite only, but you can request an invite (takes a few days to get a reply) and be on your way to pinning in just five minutes.

It's super easy, fun, convenient, and way addictive! Give me a follow if or when you become a member, or just stop by to enjoy an infinite scroll through the ever-growing collection I've started.




Photography from Matthew Brandt's Lakes and Reservoirs series. Each print was soaked in the water from the lake/reservoir depicted in the shot.


Cover to cover

How about some old-school inspiration courtesy of this second installment of vintage Portuguese book covers. Catch the first collection here.


As a feather

Pssst...take a peek inside fashion designer, Erin Fetherston's Tribeca home, courtesy of Vogue. This gal's feminine, carefree dresses have always had a way of worming into my heart. With one look into this romantic converted loft filled with treasures from her Paris apartment, there's no mistaking that this place could be anyone else's but hers.


Pink Friday

I seriously have to stop forgetting about this day. Question: is something from 1997 perhaps considered vintage? (wow, as soon as I said it, it sounded stupid.) Enjoy this Vivienne Westwood dress as seen in a 1997 issue of UK Vogue, and happy Pink Friday to you and yours.

{last week's pink friday}

source: bohemea

And the living is easy

Who's chilling poolside this summer? I'm betting it won't look anything like these ghostly shots by Yuli Sato.



I quite fancy these faceted drawer pulls from Pigeon Toe Ceramics, and how they go together with the hand-carved crystal stamp from Extase (who's having a spring sale on knit goods now!) . I guess you could say I have thing for crystals. Love seeing them as part of a simple geo pattern as well.



These gorgeous oil and acrylic double exposure paintings by Pakayla Biehn have started making the rounds online, and for good reason. Click here to see the other seven in the series, and check out Pakayla's Tumblr while you're out.


Pixel perfect

Man, oh man, does Horst Glasker have a knack for color. From the Art in Architecture series, these works prove that old and new can co-exist in the loveliest of ways. (discovered on Aviary Studio)


Check out these rejiggered found objects by artist, designer and writer, Chad Wys. Now, I may or may not have blogged some of Chad's work on here before. (Forgive me, if I did, I forgot.) But I definitely haven't blogged these particular little treasures.

Chad Wys is also on the Behance network.


Foodie love: Sweet Tiers

Ah yes, another one of these. You know I can't resist cute sweets. And let's be honest, macarons are just about the world's cutest food. Sweet Tiers is a cakes and more company that sprung out of a 12-year hobby of decorating cakes. Below is just a sampling of the sugary goodness that Sweet Tiers churns out, including salted caramel and violet and vanilla buttercream-filled macarons, a Christening cake, cupcake, and macaron set, and fondant babushka doll cakes. Drooling and aawwww-ing concurrently right now.


Pink Friday

Ah! Success! So, Blogger's been down, and as of right now, yesterday's post is missing (and I should say, let's hope this post goes through at all) (Not anymore, all is right in the world!). But it's all good, right? because it's Pink Friday again! Below is a recycled wicker headboard sold last year (I know, I'm sorry) by johnnyvintage on Etsy. It used to be white, and while it was lovely when it was, the hot pink spray paint really gives it some pop, dontcha think??

I found a similar style headboard this week at IKEA (while shopping for my graphic design portfolio show at school; it was a smashing success, by the way). It was in the "As Is" section, which, let me tell you, is mecca for DIY-ers. Unfortunately, that sucker was way too big: a king, and this princess sleeps in a queen. But just a suggestion! And proof that what is old can be new and fab again!

{last week's pink friday}

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