Solace my game

Yes, it's Ellie Goulding. And yes, it's also somehow Bon Iver. This is "The Wolves." Enjoy.


Two Too Pretty

This color. Always this color. Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 gown paired with a Kevin Appel 2011 print.

(sources: From Me To You / Kevin Appel)


Last week, Bon Iver's self-titled album was released. And if you're like me, you were fangirling equally as much for the cover art (pictured above) as you were for the music. Maybe a little more. Well, the person responsible for this uber-appropriate artwork is Gregory Euclide. See detail shots of the cover art here. More of Gregory's stuff below, plus this post's namesake below that, performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (the only one on Youtube at the moment). (Seriously, just go download it. That lovely echo-y quality of Bon Iver is much more apparent in it's studio-recorded form.)

The installation below is titled "Held within what hung open and made to lie without" and was discovered on Behance. The installation is featured on the fifth floor of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

ETA: And now, for the official music video for Holocene, which actually really matches the mood of all the cover art. Cool. Enjoy (again):


I'm all over this vintage-inspired (and rather Mad Men-esque) "Retro Suits" shoot by Doug McGoldrick. What is going on in this first photo? More here.



If I go to Zara this week, I wonder if I'll be able to find either of these striped shirts there? They're on sale which means they're sorta old, but here's hoping, right?


Neon Boneyard

...at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a typography lover's dream come true. The "boneyard" is where discarded signage goes to die...only to be re-born and adored like the magnificent showpieces they are. Images via idsgn, Flickr

I guess it's about time that a touch of summer hit this blog, huh? I could totally see some pretty fun photoshoot scenarios in the yard, don't you? Sidebar: If you're from Chicago, or are familiar with some of the neighborhoods outside the downtown area, you may be aware of the abundance of old motels along North Lincoln Avenue (with old motels, come old signage, and they don't disappoint). Most of these motels are family-owned and some have been around since before the fifties (Yes! I did my research!). They're a frequent stop of photography, and possibly design and architecture students. Wonder if our city will ever have a motel sign boneyard of our own? Or if there already is one.


Is this real life?

I wish this perfectly faceted iceberg was a natural occurrence. Same goes for this bunny in shiny gold pants.

(sources: jeremymiranda / corduroy)

Gray by gray

Colette Saint Yves has a way with gray (or is it grey? I'm saying that word too much, aren't I?) Check out her portfolio for more.

Collages (of which I'm a big fan) can be hit or miss, are a dime a dozen, and most sort of just blend together. But these, and many more of Colette's works, really do have a style and mood of their own. And there's something to be said for the general lack of color, which lends itself so well to some of her more macabre and haunting pieces (definitely check those out). Stunning.


Oh, summer

You'll have the best of me (provided you actually get here already). Images via Grace Gloria Denis /Flickr.


I'm such a sucker for collages

Especially these ones by Francisca Pageo (which are actually reminiscent of a certain London-based artist whose name escapes me at the moment, and I'm hating myself for it. Comment if you know who I'm talking about. (EDIT: I was thinking Eleanor Wood.) Check out Francisca's blog for more.


She's baaack!

And be she, I mean myself, of course. Finally back from my weekend vacation with my cousins. (Also managed to book this trip on the one oddball cold-as-hell weekend in June because my life is a sick joke, but whatevs.)

Anyway, enjoy these beautiful beach-y paintings by artist Samantha French, who sells quite a few of these prints on Etsy. Check them out!



Going on a long weekend trip with the fam, including some cousins, early tomorrow morning. And despite the in-your-face French-ness of this post, no, I'm not going anywhere near France (may down a couple french fries, though). No big deal, except that I haven't been on vacation in so long. Also, bestie got me a super cute romper from Japan. Hurray for adorable cover-ups, and the wonderful reasons to use 'em! Pink Friday will still be up tomorrow as usual, but I'll be gone all weekend. Have a good one!

(sources: macthbookmag on tumblr / the sphinx & the milky way )


When Ken Met Barbie

Has a better, more symmetrical pair ever been conceived? I think not. I was looking through the works of artist, Holly Farrell, and was struck by the oddly charming portrayal of the timeless twosome.


While our blood's still young

Your ears will thank you for listening to this Ellie Goulding cover of The Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition."

Float on

Catch yourself staring into emptiness lately? Check out these floating origami koi fish and swallows in the prettiest of hues by MABONA ORIGAMI. These are just about the coolest way to dress up your white walls. Some inspiration in a corner of your design office/studio, perhaps?

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