Hey you, filmophile.

I can't get enough of IWDRM (If we don't, remember me.), a Tumblr blog that posts animated gifs of scenes from your favorite movies. Subtlety is huge. I'm not a huge fan of gifs that practically depict entire scenes, so this blog gets it just right. It's usually just a moment or a gesture. Go follow if you have a Tumblr account. Here are just a few examples of what you'll find there. Personal favorite? Norman Bates, Psycho (gif #3 below), plus the one right after it. Yes, that is the back of one Mr. Brad Pitt in Fightclub, a movie I've seen more times than Zombieland (and that's saying something).


The bee's knees

Some colorful patterns by illustrator and designer, Katie Daisy. And guess what? The gal also has a blog, and it's just as colorful and fun as her work. Not to mention an Etsy shop and a Flickr account. Now, shoo! Go enjoy the lovely!

Let me entertain you

I just discovered Anthropologie's new online Tabletop Design Tool feature, where you can make your very own fancy-schmancy table settings using a wide variety of Anthro's best dinnerware, silver, and glassware, plus eight linen options (or go bare). It's practically a game after a decor-lover's own heart. Do you have creative block? You could distract yourself with some reality television, or you could do this. Traditional, or kaleidoscope? Pick your poison, babe! Aaaand, should you decide to fall in love with your creation, you can share it, save it, or purchase the items featured in it. Here's my little "doodle" below, now go enjoy yourself!


Center of attention

These are just a part of a growing collection of vintage 7-inch record center labels found on Center of Attention, and was featured on Grain Edit last week. Center of Attention has also added a section to the site dedicated to album covers. Check them out! As you know, vintage anything is usually a great source of inspiration. (Plus the last one's purple! Fave color, btw. :D Seriously thinking about changing Pink Fridays to Purple Fridays one of these days, but I keep finding pink things!)



These bas-relief reclaimed timber installations by sculptor, Ron van der Ende absolutely defy the eye when it comes to perspective. There is so much improvised dimension that it's difficult to tell the depth without some sort of marker. Check out way more of these stunners over at Ron van der Ende: Foreshortened Space

I love that Vogue has a Tumblr

Because then, things like this pop up on my dashboard. Rihanna photographed by Annie Liebovitz for the April issue of VOGUE, as seen on the mag's Tumblr. This was actually from last week, but I just now saw it. This is not a design post (although it is Liebovitz photography). No, no. This would fall under the "& other pretty things" category. Because if you know me, you'll know that I've recently fallen head over heels in love with lipstick. Only on my ridiculous design blog is the "lipstick" tag as big as the "decor" and "craft" tags in the tag cloud.

Anyway, spring break is officially over. I got zero work done, by the way. I have major things due this week, and I was really planning on, well, doing them, but then this happened. So, yeah...Happy Monday!


This bitter earth

via The New York Times Style Magazine, "Elegy on the Adriatic". So beautiful. If we could just get away...


Swarm is the Amsterdam design studio of former Anthropologie visual director, Leslie Oschmann. Each design is one of a kind and features at least one reclaimed item, one piece of history. The twenty nine piece Swarm collection available now at Anthro forces audiences to look at these everyday found objects in a new way. If you're a collector, or if one of these lovely things just happens to tickle your fancy, then stop by the Anthro gallery for this as well as five other designer collections.



Pink Friday

By Lucrezia Invernizzi-Tettoni. Web, work, blog. Enjoy.

{last week's pink friday}

Deep in the cell of my heart

Ok, I swear I'm not suicidal. I just flove this song. And now I'm hearing that someone actually sings this in that new movie, "Sucker Punch", which I haven't seen, and don't plan on seeing (not my thing, no offense). Heard it was a good version, too. Well this is the original. And for some reason recently it's been stuck on repeat here at casa-de-Michaela. This is "Asleep" by The Smiths. Enjoy.


Staying in

Envelope collage/illustrations by Camilla Engman. I love the little window in the envelope with the face peeking out. Details, details. Check out the photostream.

(sources: Living in an envelope / Suburb )


Now is the time for guts and guile

Rest in peace, Ms. Taylor.


If I ever got something wrapped like this for Christmas, I don't think I'd ever open it (or at the very least, I'd open carefully, then re-wrap). Via Network Osaka on Flickr. Check out the portfolio.


A fox is a wolf who sends flowers

These illustrations are by Lizzy Stewart; the first is available for sale on Etsy. Springtime is really getting to me. We've had a few really good days, mild weather, with far less rain than anticipated. "Summer Wolf" below really captures the mood.

(sources: Summer Wolf / Icey Vallley )


Cupcakery and other such nonsense

We are two days into spring already; this year is going by too fast! I've just started the world's most wholesome spring break. I went into the city, bought cupcakes from Sprinkles, and was home before sunset. Then, I sat at my desk and snapped these pics while watching "An Education" for the hundredth time. I was joined by a special someone. Don't mind me, I'm just being silly (and please forgive the grainy pics as a result of Photo Booth, as the memory card on my camera has decided to die on me).

Yes. Mother-effing please.

via Friends of Type, by Jeff Rogers. Why?

Why the hell not?

Bright lights, big city

Totally loving the illustrations of Part & Parcel's Damien Correll. This one's called "800 Clicks to Broadway", a full-page illustration that accompanied a short story about running away from Ontario to make it on Broadway in the 1950s.


And red all over

Loving theses illustrations by Eleanor Rudge. You ever just sit around and draw the same thing over and over again? No? It's just me? Oh. Okay.

Tiny tech

Fancy some old-school tech? Then these wood brooches by craftyfolk may be right up you alley! The shop also sells stickers and illustrated blank-page notebooks. Individual links below.

(sources: Polaroid Wood Brooch / Typewriter Wood Brooch / Moog Wooden Pin )


Why is a raven like a writing desk?

If you ever read the text that goes with the images on this blog, then you know my best friend was supposed to move to Japan next month. Well, in light of recent events, her plans have been delayed by at least a month. She still doesn't have a departure date, but we're 99.99% sure we've got an extra month with the gal. So we're celebrating in style with a stupid tea party! There's no official date (I know, I know), but I figured if I put it here, then that means it has to happen, no dilly dallying, no excuses not to. There's a dress code, and now there's an invite. Private event, you know, but I thought I'd share :) Cheers!

I heart...

This invite via photog, Ana Kras. Check out her site and Tumblr. Flowers in a salad bowl, plus a yarn-covered lampshade (her own creation!).


Days gone bye

Today, I give you  a bit of gloom, via ntmtk's photostream. And no, the post title is not a typo. Fans of a certain zombie show will attest. 

Creepy-slash-awesome...Part deux?

You have to check out this shop. One of the mugs being sold on myexpresso (Etsy) by Colleen Corradi Brannigan of Pescara, Italy, has hair on it. I kid you not. Colleen has been making pottery since 1997, and her collection of espresso cups and coffee mugs is not one to be missed. Definitely check out the masochist mug, shown in espresso cup version below.


The life aquatic

Once again, found on letslookupandsmile's photostream. Illustrated by Robert Duvoisin in 1965 for "Hide and Seek Fog" by Alvin Tesselt. I told you that photostream was good.

Foggy days at the beach, which if I had to guess is what it's like down by the lake right now. It's weird. As I've said before, I live in the generally cold and dreary state of Illinois. (It really is lovely, though. Have you seen our city?) I want it to be summer, but I don't want the time to pass so quickly. The imminent departure of a certain someone may have a little (and by little, I mean everything) to do with that. Now. Exactly how does one express the heaviest of sighs online? Hmm?

(sources: 1 / 2 )
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