Lately you can't go anywhere without running into every youngin' in the state of Illinois. (Listen to me talk like I'm so old.) It's spring break for a lot of people. This week I indulged in a little burger fest with a friend, had a glitter mani that lasted for all of about two days, went shopping for the first time in forever, and enjoyed more typical midwest spring weather (yes, it got cold again). All pics from my Instagram.

Pink Friday

Framed art by Paule Marrot. Have a great weekend!


"It's So Good"

Self-taught Cape Town based artist, Ben Johnston, takes wine barrel lids and converts them into wall hanging cheeseboards by engraving typography using a laser technique. You really have to see these up close. Wonder what "Zou Bisou Bisou" would look like on one of these? (via)


Wanna play?

Might as well go all out if you're gonna go bright and cheery. Neon ankle pants are a tease of a trouser when you think about it. Transition wardrobe is what it is. After months of boots and parkas, there's something oddly exciting about hiking your hemline an extra few inches. But they're still almost full length pants, so you don't feel weird and uncovered in March. I don't know. I might be overanalyzing here (yes, yes I am). Check out that genius swimmin' pool clutch from Kate Spade (though it isn't available for purchase yet), and that (for lack of a better word) playful poster from Stout/Kramer. Also, random but, how is it just Wednesday? Slowest week ever. Must be the slight chill in the air; it's slowing things down. Good thing I'm taking the day to hang out with one of the besties. Yippee!



An uncharacteristically bright post today with work by photographer, Brea Souders. These are from her Counterforms series.


Watch me repeat myself

I love moodboards, yet they don't often make an appearance on here; I suppose I have Pinterest to blame for that. Speaking of which, if you follow me there or on Tumblr, then you've probably already seen these (private boards, when are you coming??), but I couldn't resist. Anyway, moodboards. Often times when beginning a creative project, you'll start these for yourself to figure out what visual and tonal direction you'd like said project to go. But it doesn't always have to be for serious biz purposes. On the contrary, sometimes you just want to narrow down what your current style is. Have you heard of Mad Men Yourself? Well how about Moodboard-ing yourself? Create a small collection of images that is quintessentially you! Lately I've been feeling like a little spring sparkle, with a hint of pattern, minimalism, and a happy Pug here and there. M is for Michaela, moodboards, and Mondays. Have a good one.

vintage M / fire ants wallpaper / paper flowers / Brass Lamp / PugGold Leaf on Canvas by Carrie Pollack / bowler


Pink Friday

It's that space of time between spring and summer when the weather is just warm enough that you don't need a coat, but just cool enough that a light scarf ain't a bad idea. Well, here's the perfect one: the Becksondergaard Camel Print Scarf from Skirt Boutique. It's a lovely spring hue with a charming summer pattern. Happy weekend, especially to all you spring breakers. Enjoy yourselves!

**And as a side note: MAD MEN RETURNS ON SUNDAY!!! I can't be the only one freaking out about this. Jesus Christ, they've been gone for 17 months. I silently scream every time someone mentions them, or I see an ad, okay?


We all scream

I had one of those moments, looking through all these flavors, when I swore I would go crazy if I didn't have a pint of ice cream right in front of me. It gets even worse (or better?) when you read the descriptions and names of some of these glorious creations from Ohio-based, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. Aside from the ones pictured here, get a load of these: Bangkok Peanut (peanut butter and cayenne), Hummingbird Cake (classic southern cake with banana ice cream), Dark Chocolate, Lime Cardamom fro-yo, aaaand they also have ice cream sandwich packs (which is a whole other kind of heaven that I won't even get into in here because I'll pass out if I try).


You know I love me some collages

This isn't news if you've been around these parts before. These ones I've selected from artist, Malin Gabriella Nordin are particularly colorful and cheery because, come on, it's crazy bright and cheery where I am right now. Gotta love an early spring. (The collages above are from Malin's Vacation collection.)



Some uplifting thoughts and a little bit of cat lady material for you on this beautiful Tuesday morning courtesy of illustrator, Jen Collins. Fancy these cat notebooks below? You can buy them over at Jen's Esty shop. And for more illustrations, check out Jen's portfolio, HelloJenuine.


Cloudy with a chance of amazing

...not meatballs, no, of course not! What if you could trap a cloud in a room? Now I don't know if you can actually do that, but Berndnaut Smilde has figured out a way to make these very temporary clouds using smoke, moisture, and some dramatic lighting. These creations only last a few minutes –– just long enough to be photographed. It's quite a stunning effect. (images via)


Pink Friday

Check out these beautiful installations by Karla Black. These are a part of a larger series, and I'm not quite sure what the medium is here, but I think it's chalk (or flour, or something equally powdery). 

Have a great weekend!


Magic Eye

You remember those, right? A few pages of Magic Eye and I found my eyeballs crossing of their own volition. (Now all I have to do to get the same effect if sit in front of a computer for a few hours straight. Fine detail, argh!) Anyway, these works by Robert Bruce Murray III of Sort of Natural had me staring for quite a while. If only to try to figure out what's going on. There's a story in there.


That's right

It's 80 degrees in mid-March in Illinois. The birds are a-singing and everybody's playing hooky.

(original image)


...and it stands for Something On The Internet. Because that's what it is, right? Except it's so much more than that. SOTI, the brainchild of photographer and painter, Evonne Bellefleur (<--now how's that for a pretty name?), is an online store filled to the brim with gorgeous art prints for your space. Starting at just $30 a piece, you could really fill up a wall. And yes, these works are all her own creation. Do check out the blog, and follow SOTI on Pinterest. Here's a few more favorites:


Kari Herer

If you frequent the design blogs, I'm sure you've happened upon the beautiful floral photography of Kari Herer. And yes, you can buy these prints and more at her Etsy shop. Wonderful way to start the week seeing as, at least over here, it's spring!!! Happy Monday.


Pink Friday

*sigh* Paris Fashion Week is nearing its end. Go behind the scenes at the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012 show over at Purse Blog, and have a fabulous weekend!


Litill Terrariums

These terrariums by Litill Ltd. are so modern and charming, with the occasional blip of bright color, all housed in uniquely shaped, hand-blown glass vessels.

(images via Design Milk)


'Tis a good day for collages

Like this collection by Ray Johnson found at Raven Row. Had a field day scrounging through these guys. There's seven pages worth (that's 159 collages) in just the "Collage Mailings" section alone. And if you check on the right-hand side of this page, there's like a gazillion more from other sections of his work.


Two Too Pretty

Kenny Guadalajara High Waisted Baja Striped Shorts (at Free People) + Dead Kennedys at Wust Radio Hall 1985 poster re-imagined by Mike Joyce (Swissted)

(both discovered on Pinterest // here & here)


What do you want to be when you grow up?

This photographic series by Parisian photographer, Malo made me smile and squee (are people still saying that?) the moment I saw it. Such a sweet concept, so simply styled, and honestly the look on this kid's face is priceless. Especially when dressed as a doctor, you can tell the mask is kinda freaking him out a bit.

 (discovered here)


Pink Friday

Earlier this week, I accidentally wrote 2011 on something. Can you believe it's already March of 2012? Two days ago, it was nearly 60 degrees outside. In Illinois. In March. Here's a little something pink to brighten your day (if it's at all gloomy).

Photography by Linus Lohoff via The Fox is Black. Have a great weekend!



Sometimes, the frame itself is a work of art. Luckily, the boys of Kolkoz took notice and understood. (source)

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