A Book of Nonsense

Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense as illustrated by Gabriella Barouch... That bear is killing me (well, not literally, duh). So sweet.



I'm super intrigued by this collaborative illustration series, "Garden of Enchantment", by fashion designer/illustrator, Hildur Yeoman, and photographer, Saga Sigurdardottir. More here (in 3 parts) and here (this photostream contains some mild nudity).

I had a pretty (read: mind-numbingly) bad (read: terrible) day yesterday, so discovering this new stuff really hits the spot. And to think, I wasn't gonna blog at all today. Hello to my new Pinterest followers, by the way!


If it could just rain a little

I know I'm gonna regret even saying that because there's no such thing as "just a little" rain around here anymore, (It's always some terrifying hours-long thunderstorm) but the grass is seriously crunchy and uncomfortable underfoot. Plus it would really clear the air. Here I go again, complaining about the weather.

Drawn In

Drawn In, by Julia Rothman, takes a peek into the sketchbooks of 44 creatives, the crucial preliminary phase of every project, as you know. So how appropriate to be granted a look at how the cover came to fruition. Below is the cover they ended up with, followed by my favorite prototype, a hand-written type-heavy version. (discovered on grain edit / buy it here)

The bride wore white

Loving the backstage fashion photography of Kasia Bobula (photostream). I just love behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. First two pics are from an Elie Saab Couture show, as is the last one. Middle photo is from Valentino Couture.



Been baby-sitting this fuzzy little girl since Friday (along with my own two; Leo pictured above), and will be until this time next week. Girl is such a picky eater, and I actually doubt she's ever been yelled at in her life (she's tiny, so maybe her mom thinks she can't handle the hostility). So when she misbehaves, as one-year-old pups are wont to do, and I yell at her, she thinks I'm playing (that's actually not as cute as it sounds, but I'm really trying).

Anyway. She likes to nap on my dining room table next to my laptop while I blog and Leo (my black Pug, who's looking more and more like a jealous demon-baby everyday) looks on. Don't let the big hair fool you. She's really small and low to the ground.

*pics taken with Macbook photobooth


Pinnin' like a villain

I love Pinterest. I really do. It's like having a second blog with a minimalist layout, infinite scrolling, and you never have to worry about your sources. And I do pin quite frequently, more so than I post here (because not everything I like needs to be blogged, but I could probably pin in my sleep). It's a great way to keep track of your ever-evolving tastes; I for one, have a tendency to pin similar things in one day. Here's just a few trends I've been seeing in my own boards (links to each pin are in the numbers following each description, from Pinterest, click-through to go to original link):

This palette's been making the rounds (1, 2, 3)

And apparently, I really like gold... (1, 2, 3)

Can't go wrong with pattern and this set of muted hues (1, 2, 3, 4) :

A little beige never hurt anyone... (1, 2, 3)

I'm probably gonna die in a striped shirt/dress/whatever (1, 2, 3, 4)

And when all else fails, subway tiles and white walls slay me (and I mean white, not drywall. Drywall is not white. Paint your damn walls.) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

All this and literally hundreds more pins over at my Pinterest. And while you're there, let me suggest my favorite pin board, food baby; it's a nom nom nom a minute.

Need an invite? Or a pinvite, I guess I should say (I wonder if they call 'em that?) Email me. Let's be pin besties.

Two and Two

I'm a chronic Pinterest recycler. I can't help it, that's where I keep some of the good stuff until I'm ready to use it. And on that note, Pinterest round up coming down the pike soon.

all pinned here


Catch a monster

For when you need a jolt of color. Kinda bummed because I washed my retina-searing fuschia shorts yesterday and I think they may have faded just a bit. They're still pretty damn bright, but I'm used to not being able to stare directly at them. Sadface.

(sources: StudioFludd / Sociey6 / live each day...  / via catchamonster )

Two and Two

Green couches with a touch of geometry: one, two, three, and four.


Jars of air

Absolutely in love with the delicate treatment given to the illustrations and collages of London-based designer and artist, Ana Montiel. This is the sort of understated, never-too-far-reaching softness that requires both a good eye and a light hand. The two prints above are available for sale as a set of prints here. Take a second to let the classiness waft over you ;) More below:


A scissor runner stole my heart

It is absolutely sweltering here today. Seriously. I don't think I can be tempted to lift a finger, much less leave the comfort of this room to go get dinner. But alas, I'm starving, and I'm thinking an iced green tea is in order (Yay, Panera!). A little traveling music for you courtesy of Jenny and Johnny:


Kingdom Animalia

All over this self-published illustrated [children's] book, Wild Animals by Rop van Mierlo. Buy one here. Nice to see someone take on the medium with a delicate and minimalist hand. And also, I inexplicably took a zoology class in college, so, you know...I'll just leave it at that.

(source: 50 watts)



I kinda sorta live for this stuff. Gritty, abstract pieces by NYC art director, Kike Bisada. Rich with texture, muted in palette. Love.

(source: Aduana / via design work life)


I quite like these

A lot actually. The gold edge, not to mention the sweet color palette. Love 'em too? Purchase this set of vintage pastel ombre fire king tumblers from Wise Apple Vintage on Esty. I'm all over this shop. Seriously. Such adorable, kitschy-cool goods.


The love you don't feel

I'm pretty predictable in terms of musical tastes, I don't delve too deep or actively seek out the new or unheard of. A little Broken Bells, Iron & Wine, She & Him, recently some Ellie Goulding, with a dash of The Smiths thrown in there somewhere, plus all the usual suspects in terms of what everyone knows (a little Journey and Phil Collins never hurt anybody).

Speaking of "what everyone knows", I don't know about you, but Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" is one of those songs that I've heard like a bajillion times but still love. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across these dueling covers (OMG, I love covers) of the 1991 hit by two of my faves, Bon Iver and Adele! Oh man, I seriously forgot how much I loved this song.  I'm a child of the nineties, so there's a note of nostalgia here. Both do a great job of working those notes, with Justin Vernon tickling the ivories in his moody falsetto and Adele sticking closer to the original while still managing to sound like, well, Adele. Personally I go for the Bon Iver version, but it's apples and oranges. Enjoy!

LOL, this on the heels of everyone and their mother doing covers of Rolling In the Deep. More deets over at Popdust.


Pink Friday

Hope you're enjoying the warmth of summer where you are. But even if you're not, air conditioning feels just as good, I'm sure. Image via EclecChic.

{last week's pink friday}

**Oh, and another thing! On the fourth of July, Two and Twenty turned six months old, and just before that it was admitted into Artessen! If you're not familiar, Artessen is a daily collection of posts from a network of lifestyle and design blogs, which Two and Twenty is now a part of. So go ahead and take a look around the never-ending stream of visual inspiration from some of your favorite bloggers, (including, I hope, this one. Yep, that's right, I'm tooting my own horn.) and once again, have a great weekend! See you Monday!


Books a million

...and I do mean million. It's always interesting to me how people choose to organize their spaces, and books are especially eye-catching since where there's one, there are usually many more close by. You can't blame a collector for collecting. Below are just a few examples via a lover's discourse. See way more here.


This is how we do it

There's a lot that can be taken from art and applied to print design. So I'm putting on my snobby design hat for just a second to address one little (read:giant) thing. Gradients on print. There's a time and a place for them. If you're going to be subtle and you have a good eye, then by all means, go for it. But on print, gradients between two unlike colors (orange to purple to red, or whateverthehell), or even the same color from light to dark, have a tendency to go awry unless you're actually trying to be ironic. Then you might as well put a mustache on it and call it day. Uh, where was I? Oh yes. Perfect little way around that I've found is to actually separate the steps in the gradient into adjacent blocks of color. Exhibit A below. Note that the whole transparency thing is a lovely transferrable detail as well. (Hmm, lovely. I say that word a lot. Lovely.) OK, I'm done ranting.

The gorgeous works of art that inspired this little blogger today are by Simona Pries. Now that gal's got a knack for subtlety.

ETA: Speaking of gradients. Yes. This is how we do it.



Oh Elle Fanning, you little fashionista you. Just look at all those deer running around. What'd I say about animals on Twitter again?
(Elle Fanning for Marc by Marc Jacobs, via thefashionintern.)


I'm all sorts of obsessed with BHLDN (actually more so with their decor than anything else), just putting it out there. Go ahead and *insert whatever appropriate rambling about flowers and hazy photos here*, because I'm all out of clever things to say. The first pic features BHLDN's new Backrun Sheath dress, and the second is via James Whitmore. Enjoy. (Stateside folks, hope you had a great fourth of July!)

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