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Two and Twenty is just shy of a year old today (our birthday is on the fourth), but the amount of inspiration accumulated here over the past three hundred sixty some odd days has pleased even me, the curator. It's really important to like your blog, you know, and I'm happy to have one that I can look back on when I need a creative jolt and know that I'll be inspired. It's like my own indulgent version of Pinterest (though I've got one of those, too!). SO much love in here, what about a run-down? Some highlights from the year that was:

- The amazing floors from this post made the rounds on Pinterest and Tumblr.
- ...as did this colorful court.
- I forced the color pink down your throat every Friday. And you loved it.
- I decked the halls this Christmas with 22 fab gift ideas.
- Art and fashion (aren't those the same thing?!) shacked up and procreated.
- I went to town on Pinterest, and this post was featured on the Pinterest blog.
- I drooled all over myself with these pretty foods. (And pinned a whole bunch here!)
- Photography stole my heart.
- ...while cinemagraphs stole the show.
- I bitched about the weather. (Like. Every. Fucking. Day.)
- I had a taste for collages and mixed media.
- We all embraced the classics. A little Twombly never hurt anyone.
- Some clever comparisons were made.
- I got all emotional and shit.
- Finally, as a recent addition to the blog, I spent a portion of my weekends in here.

So there you go, peeps. Let's keep our eyes open to the year ahead – a year that will hopefully be full of love, health, and opportunity, and as always, as much inspiration as you can take away. I resolve to at least provide that, for you and for myself.

Here's to design and other pretty things. And here's to you. Cheers.

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