Two and Twenty Days of Christmas

I know, I know, you all want iPads for Christmas. Well, you won't find any on this list, but you may find a case or two, along with a bunch of other stuff I've piled together to give you the first ever....Two and Twenty Days of Christmas! That's 22 items, for you sleep-deprived readers, just keep scrolling! Not just for the ladies, but there's something for the guys and the kids, too. And because it is surprisingly hard to put all twenty two into one board without it looking cray-cray (I'm sure it's possible, but I'm pressed for time), I've split the gifts into two: Outdoor Cozy and Indoor Glam. Cue the jingle bells!

1. Men's Oxford Shirt, J.Crew. Plaid is pretty much the guy's version of leopard. Oh hell, I love it, too.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Balloon Miss Marc' Gloves, Nordstrom. Were it not for editing, I could legit do an entire post on just gloves. These have little openings in the thumbs and index fingers, so you can access your phone. (Just don't text while crossing the street, please!)

3. Boys' Skull and Crossbones Sweater, Old Navy. Even I would wear this.

4. Racoon face Hat, Target. I own this hat! It's a relatively thin knit, so it won't screw up your hair too much. I wear it with my chunky knit snood.

5. Steve Madden 'Cablee Boot', Nordstrom. I'm a girly-girl who wears a lot of blazers and knits this time of year. Needed new boots to go with all that. I thought these were too rugged for me...until I tried them on. They're so good.

6. Wool and the Gang Snood Dogg DIY Wool Scarf Kit (Camel shown), Net-A-Porter. The perfect gift for all you stylish knitters. Why buy a scarf when you can make a snood? (Also comes in black, grey, and other scarf varieties.)

7. Illume Boulangerie Jar Candle, Anthropologie. You know how it always smells amazing inside Anthro? This is just one of the reasons why.

8. Woody iPhone 4 Case, Jack Spade. Ladies with iPhones are probably familiar with Kate Spade's amazing cases. Here's an equally-sophisticated one for the dudes.

9. Le Black Bear Stud Earrings, Le Animale. I'm a big fan of quirk. And bears...and earrings. (previously)

10. Melissa & Doug Plush Boston Terrier, Target. For that little babe who's not quite ready for the real thing. We've all got at least one kid in the family screaming for a dog.

11. A Very She & Him Christmas. Because Zooey Deschanel's voice was made for holiday music.

12. Metallic Telegram Clutch, Madewell. Currently on sale, and super fab!

13. NARS Lipstick in 'Heat Wave', Sephora. I almost don't want to divulge this, but to everyone in Illinois who's ever asked me what lipstick I'm wearing, it's this.

14. Fresh Brown Sugar Affair Set, Sephora. The perfect remedy to you winter skin. Nothing beats a scrub. We gals love to pamper ourselves; this kit comes with the Passion tinted version of the cult classic, Sugar lip treatment.

15. Honeydew Polka-Dot Undies, Madewell. Comes in four colors, but I fancy the black and pink the most. So cute and on trend! (What? You can have trendy undies.)

16. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Turnlock Shine' iPad Case, Nordstrom. It's taupe. It's patent leather. It's got this cute little turn lock detail. And with any luck, someone who loves you will get you an iPad to put in it.

17. M Missoni Small Doll Knitted Keyfob, Net-A-Porter. Any Missoni fans in the house? A more accessible, totally eye-catching bauble to clip on your bag or keys.

18. Native Union 'Retro' Handset in Gold, Nordstrom. This was a cute little find that makes total sense. Those Bakelite phones really were more comfortable to hold for long conversations. (Not that I was alive in the fifties.) It also hooks up to iPads and laptops to make more private Skype-ing a breeze.

19. Pug Bookends, Z Gallerie. This is hilarious because I don't have many physical books, but I do have two Pugs. Shall we stand the iPad, Kindle, as well as all the household phones back-to-back? Why yes, yes we shall.

20. Leopard Sidewalk Skimmer, Madewell. Because leopard is about as neutral as it gets in my book. Don't question the classics.

21. ChaChaCha Sweater, Kate Spade. Well this is just fun, honestly.

22. Sephora by OPI Four Piece Full Size Glitter Nail Color Set, Sephora. For gals who love glitz! They make some pretty good glitter polishes (and I've tried a few). Great for layering; the gold is my personal favorite.

Phew! Well there you have it. Happy shopping!

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