I hate to admit it, because seasons are so short-lived here no matter which of the four it is, but I am the girl who always bitches and moans about the weather. If it's hot, it's too hot, and if it's cold, well, you get where I'm going here. And then of course, when the colder edge of fall rolls around, even though I pretty much complained my way through three months worth of heat, I am sadly the first one to cry (not really) about not being able to wear dresses daily. I have problems okay? Christ. Where was I? Oh yeah. End of summer, feeling blue, that's where these adorable necklaces and earrings from Howkapow come in. See, there was a point in there somewhere. Links:

1. Suzie Earring
2. Brad Necklace
3. Sheila Necklace

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