Color theory

Kicking my own ass over how perfect and simple these File Under posters by Mark El-khatib and Ray O'Meara are. If you look closely, you'll see a fine wood grain beneath the wash of color. I especially love the last one (and the first, because come on, it's pink). A graphic design teacher of mine used to have an issue with gradients. It was a running joke in class. I don't think it was gradients specifically she had a problem with, but the execution, which I completely understand and agree with. A gradient between vastly different colors in the hands of a student is a terrifying thing. I jest (somewhat). Of course when done correctly and without irony, a good gradient goes a long way. In fact I think some designers play around with them just to prove that it can be done. Okay, I'm done with my uppity gradient rant, enjoy the pretty. (source: but does it float)

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