I finally ordered my glasses from Warby Parker this week, and I can't wait to get them! I ended up going with this pair, called Sinclair, in Burgundy Fade (pictured above). Bensen in Greystone came in a close second. It's making me feel like Lane Pryce a little bit, and I love the classic, vintage-ness (is that a word?) they bring to my usually simple wardrobe.

Here's some links for your weekend. Have a good one!

- An indoor carpet made of pebbles.

- Stared at this for five minutes. Best thing I've seen in a while. Simply designed and interactive.

- Love this blog. Menswear + food = double yum.

- Clicked play. Again and again. How do people even figure things like this out?

- Having a hard time choosing between this, this, and this.

- Gemstone magnets!!! Fun and luxe.

- You have to love yourself.

- And finally, something that never fails to make me giggle/snort/choke on my coffee.

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