Happy weekend (and Happy Easter)! Some links for you:

- Just happened upon this Tumblr blog, Pinners Be Crazy. Instant follow if only because reading them irks me. I know a few people who could do without the comment option, and I tend to agree.

- Fitness buffs, or if you're just looking for a fun way to keep track of your health/eating/workout habits, a reader made a free app called, SlimKicker.

- One can never have too many dresses. I fancy this one from Forever 21. Love cheap thrills!

- Mascara drying up in the tube before you can use it all up? A useful tip.

- Atlantic-Pacific reminding me that I really need to head over to Zara like, yesterday.

- Made me smile. Photos of dogs right as they're jumping into a pool. Those faces. :')

(photo via my Instagram)

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