Yes, this really exists.

One little thing before we start. You may notice this new button in the left sidebar. Any of you guys on Tumblr? Because, yes, Two and Twenty now has a Tumblr (Woo-hoo!). For all those little things too short on content to blog here, or too repetitive to pin on Pinterest. I already had an account previously, and can't believe it took me this long, but got the push when peeps started tumbling things from here. Now all that uncategorized stuff goes in there (because I'm a total nutcase who just needs to be everywhere). 

There was once a time way in the beginning of Two and Twenty (earlier this year), back when it had very little traffic, that I thought about just transferring the whole blog over there. But it would have been unwieldy with the number of posts already on here, and not a good fit for the amount that I like to write. So anyway, give it a look, and maybe even a follow if you're feeling generous. In the meantime, back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Texture, layers, and a muted but rich palette reminiscent of a bustling city in the winter. You'd think I was describing my ideal cold weather uniform, but I'm talking about this awesome little thing by Singapore design studio, A Beautiful Design. So cool, no? Here's a little taste of what's on the inside:

discovered here


Ashleigh said...

Nice Michaela! So happy that I'll now have easier access to Two and Twenty goodness via my Tumblr dashboard! Woo hoo!

Michaela said...

@Ashleigh -- Yipee! Thanks for the follow, Ashleigh!

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