Pink Friday (which also just happens to be Black Friday)

Funny how that works out, yeah? Probably the only thing that trumps Thanksgiving in terms of fanfare or what have you, is the morning after. It's the biggest shopping day of the year, folks! If you're stateside and observe this pseudo-holiday, then happy trails and good deals to you! And if you're not willing to brave the crowds, then stay indoors and have a cup of something hot on my behalf, because I'm going! Everyone outside the US, go ahead and have that something hot anyway, you deserve it. It is the weekend after all. Cheers!

EDITED to say: The URL to my Tumblr blog is now http://twoandtwentyweekends.tumblr.com/ You'll see me as "twoandtwentyweekends" on your dash if you're following from Tumblr. It's the same blog, just named so because that's where to "find" me on days when this place is quiet – weekends. Link in the sidebar.

source: bruce weber / via matchbook mag

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