Stockings, of all things.

When I came across these Strathcona Stockings trouser socks yesterday, I immediately had visions of pairing the floral ones with some oxfords or brogues. Their light-weight, silky stockings are hand-printed, making each one unique. Now, is it shitty of me to show you things on here that are no longer available for purchase? Because lovely as they are, many are sold out. But if it's any consolation, that middle pair up there with the cosmos print hasn't even come out yet! And the one below is still for sale on Strathcona's Etsy shop (along with a few others that are just wonderful!). They're very Stella McCartney with the whole citrus thing going, right? (discovered at Aviary Studio)

PSA, just while it's new, a little reminder that Two and Twenty now has a Tumblr. Link in the sidebar on top of the Twitter button.

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Gena said...

Love these!! So fun. Nice find :)

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