Once you go black

No, those pics above are not of my own pups. They're snapshots from the Dogs series by photographer, Mark Peckmezian. Lots of charming stuff in here, especially if you're a breed loyalist like me. So much character in these little boogers' portraits.

A note on why I chose these particular shots: I have two Pugs – one fawn, and one black. This isn't news. I love them both (again, this isn't news). I'm one of those people who is obsessed with her dogs. Now, while they're both too adorable for words, Louie, the fawn, tends to attract more attention in public than Leo, my black Pug. I attribute this to Louie's chill demeanor and expert bitchface, but I digress. Anyone lucky enough to have had both a black and a fawn Pug at the same time will tell you that the latter have at least twice the personality and energy of the former. In other words, my little Leo – God love him – is a giant handful. This is a dog who gets upset when his toy falls off the couch, and cries while I prepare his dinner because he's so excited to eat. He also has no concept of personal space, and thus annoys Louie to no end. The two of them, they make a great team. And although he's kinda crazy, I love the hell out of Leo.

(discovered here)

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