Meanwhile, in London

Oh hey, London Fashion Week! Almost didn't see you there. Dudes, London is a gold mine. Lovely things came out from across the pond these past few days. I would post a little something something everyday if it didn't get annoying. But for now, I've got these picks from Burberry Prorsum and Peter Pilotto.

First thing's first. Can we talk about that coat up there for a minute? I have a thing for coats (Chicago weather, don't you know). I was tempted to put one of Burberry's many iterations of their signature trench, but this one slays me. The texture of that thing, and the fact that the nova check is ENORMOUS but surprisingly doesn't scream "I'm wearing Burberry!"—it's an interesting balance to have struck. Graphic and bold and absolutely classic. So thank you, Christopher Bailey, or whoever is responsible for this magic. You've got me drooling for a new coat. Again. Meanwhile...

This was happening over at Peter Pilotto. You know as well as I do, love is in the details. Lots going on here. I won't spoil it with words. Just that I'm loving these hard. *Especially the first two (and the last two).

And there you go. I felt kinda bad, only posting about Erin Fetherston during NYFW (plus this little snippet from Derek Lam), when I really do have a bunch of favorites. Among them, Erdem (always a fave) and Phillip Lim (again, always a fave). Can't you tell how girly I am just from those three? We'll see how many more LFW posts will come down the pike. I've got a feeling this won't be the last. (pics via style.com)

*Notice how the Pilotto dress on the bottom left is pretty much the same dress as the one on the top right but with sleeves and sans belt? Designers and design-y people, you know how when you discover and make something so fab that you also feel the need to produce versions of it? I LOVE when that happens. I love when even the outtakes of something are so good, you can't choose — so you just make them all. I know I said no words, it's just that it's my favorite part of the design process, which in itself I could wax poetic about forever. OK, I'm done. Go on your merry way.

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