Two and Twenty is on Pinterest!

So, yeah, I'm totally on Pinterest now (button to get there is also in the sidebar under Twitter). If you're not familiar, Pinterest is a virtual collection where you can "pin" interesting pics from anywhere on the web (read the official blurb on Pinterest here). Have you ever looked through a book or magazine and find something so beautiful, you wanna cut it out and save it? That's basically what it is (sans the scissors, magazines and giant boxes full o' scraps).

I'm all about design inspiration (What? Seriously?!), and am a woman of many different moods. One day I'm all into pattern, next I'm all about collages. Point is, much as I would love to, I can't blog everything I find interesting and inspiring, but I can pin it. And so can you! Right now, admission into Pinterest is by invite only, but you can request an invite (takes a few days to get a reply) and be on your way to pinning in just five minutes.

It's super easy, fun, convenient, and way addictive! Give me a follow if or when you become a member, or just stop by to enjoy an infinite scroll through the ever-growing collection I've started.

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