Pink Friday

Ah! Success! So, Blogger's been down, and as of right now, yesterday's post is missing (and I should say, let's hope this post goes through at all) (Not anymore, all is right in the world!). But it's all good, right? because it's Pink Friday again! Below is a recycled wicker headboard sold last year (I know, I'm sorry) by johnnyvintage on Etsy. It used to be white, and while it was lovely when it was, the hot pink spray paint really gives it some pop, dontcha think??

I found a similar style headboard this week at IKEA (while shopping for my graphic design portfolio show at school; it was a smashing success, by the way). It was in the "As Is" section, which, let me tell you, is mecca for DIY-ers. Unfortunately, that sucker was way too big: a king, and this princess sleeps in a queen. But just a suggestion! And proof that what is old can be new and fab again!

{last week's pink friday}

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