Aww, how do you like my little schnookums up there? How many dogs do you know that smile? This pleasant weather sure is something to smile about. After the great meltdown those few weeks in March, it got cold again. Not terrible, but definitely not as good as it is now. 72 degrees. How do you Californians do it? Going to the city with a friend tomorrow. Maybe do a little shopping (why isn't there a Zara in the suburbs?), a little cream-puff eating.

Have a great weekend. Some links:

- Typography lovers, you really must play this game.

- Chocolate hazelnut mini pies. Mm-hmm.

- Geography isn't just for people anymore.

- Great house. Terrifying bathroom.

- Keep it simple.

- I'm at that weird stage after a haircut where you wish you didn't cut it even though it was so damaged. But at least it's now as shiny as this.

- She will literally stand on anything.

- Too cute for words. Found this on A Cup of Jo's roundup.

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