The love you don't feel

I'm pretty predictable in terms of musical tastes, I don't delve too deep or actively seek out the new or unheard of. A little Broken Bells, Iron & Wine, She & Him, recently some Ellie Goulding, with a dash of The Smiths thrown in there somewhere, plus all the usual suspects in terms of what everyone knows (a little Journey and Phil Collins never hurt anybody).

Speaking of "what everyone knows", I don't know about you, but Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" is one of those songs that I've heard like a bajillion times but still love. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across these dueling covers (OMG, I love covers) of the 1991 hit by two of my faves, Bon Iver and Adele! Oh man, I seriously forgot how much I loved this song.  I'm a child of the nineties, so there's a note of nostalgia here. Both do a great job of working those notes, with Justin Vernon tickling the ivories in his moody falsetto and Adele sticking closer to the original while still managing to sound like, well, Adele. Personally I go for the Bon Iver version, but it's apples and oranges. Enjoy!

LOL, this on the heels of everyone and their mother doing covers of Rolling In the Deep. More deets over at Popdust.


Jenny said...

I just discovered the Bon Iver cover the today on Itunes too (thankfully for my empty pockets, i found it on on youtube as well). perfect rendition. i'm loving both adele and bon iver right now, so this really hit the spot :) thanks for sharing!

Michaela said...

@Jenny -- True that. I've never visited my own blog so much; I'll admit I stopped by a few times today for the sole reason of listening to this song.

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