Been baby-sitting this fuzzy little girl since Friday (along with my own two; Leo pictured above), and will be until this time next week. Girl is such a picky eater, and I actually doubt she's ever been yelled at in her life (she's tiny, so maybe her mom thinks she can't handle the hostility). So when she misbehaves, as one-year-old pups are wont to do, and I yell at her, she thinks I'm playing (that's actually not as cute as it sounds, but I'm really trying).

Anyway. She likes to nap on my dining room table next to my laptop while I blog and Leo (my black Pug, who's looking more and more like a jealous demon-baby everyday) looks on. Don't let the big hair fool you. She's really small and low to the ground.

*pics taken with Macbook photobooth

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