Let's talk about TV for a second. Random, I know. The Mad Men finale was last week, The Killing's is this weekend, and all week in the wee hours I've been enjoying the randomly-timed Breaking Bad mini-marathons. I'm at that point in the show where all I want to do is bake cupcakes for Aaron Paul. Hey, remember when Walter wasn't a badass? Can't wait for this show to come back, and there's a Walking Dead preview that week, too! Thanks a hoot, AMC.

Have a great weekend! Some links:

- I guess he wasn't her lobster.

- I have a thing for Asian designers with numbers in their brand name.

- Prettiest things I've seen all week.

- Scariest thing I've seen all week.

- A convenient and charming detail-adder.

- A gorgeous DIY project.

- Now those are some stairs.

- And finally, (SPOILER if you haven't watched the show) because I love and already miss Mad Men, and everything he says here is true, a scene.

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