Watch me repeat myself

I love moodboards, yet they don't often make an appearance on here; I suppose I have Pinterest to blame for that. Speaking of which, if you follow me there or on Tumblr, then you've probably already seen these (private boards, when are you coming??), but I couldn't resist. Anyway, moodboards. Often times when beginning a creative project, you'll start these for yourself to figure out what visual and tonal direction you'd like said project to go. But it doesn't always have to be for serious biz purposes. On the contrary, sometimes you just want to narrow down what your current style is. Have you heard of Mad Men Yourself? Well how about Moodboard-ing yourself? Create a small collection of images that is quintessentially you! Lately I've been feeling like a little spring sparkle, with a hint of pattern, minimalism, and a happy Pug here and there. M is for Michaela, moodboards, and Mondays. Have a good one.

vintage M / fire ants wallpaper / paper flowers / Brass Lamp / PugGold Leaf on Canvas by Carrie Pollack / bowler

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