Wanna play?

Might as well go all out if you're gonna go bright and cheery. Neon ankle pants are a tease of a trouser when you think about it. Transition wardrobe is what it is. After months of boots and parkas, there's something oddly exciting about hiking your hemline an extra few inches. But they're still almost full length pants, so you don't feel weird and uncovered in March. I don't know. I might be overanalyzing here (yes, yes I am). Check out that genius swimmin' pool clutch from Kate Spade (though it isn't available for purchase yet), and that (for lack of a better word) playful poster from Stout/Kramer. Also, random but, how is it just Wednesday? Slowest week ever. Must be the slight chill in the air; it's slowing things down. Good thing I'm taking the day to hang out with one of the besties. Yippee!

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