Rainbow brite

I haven't had a good cupcake/pastry/any kind of decadent dessert in a long time. This is something I say a lot. It's sort of a princess-y thing to do when you're feeling down. At this point I am this close, this close, to just ordering a dozen or so macarons online from this little French pattiserie downtown because I can't actually make my way over there right now. And I would, but see, part of the joy is actually standing in front of the glass and individually picking them out yourself.  Anywho, if you're going to have an all out princess-y day and have easy access to fresh macarons, might as well go all out with some matching decor! (Now if you'll excuse me, I have to stop looking at this before I cry)

(sources: CONFETTISYSTEM / Macarons )
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