Two Too Pretty

Queens of noise. Come and get it boys. 

An Albino dress after my own heart (dots, feathers, and chevrons?!), plus a sequined collage by an old fave. Links below. (And yes, The Runaways has been playing on Starz all week, so please excuse me for having that song stuck in my head.)

ETA (April 1st): Starting tomorrow, "Two Too Pretty" will be a recurring feature on the blog. So when you click on the pretty little box to the left that says "Two Too Pretty" there's gonna be more than one post on here, m'kay? So what is "Two Too Pretty"? It's basically a dress (or some other gorgeous outfit) paired with an equally lovely piece of art. Because inexplicably, I tend to stumble upon unrelated things that really go together. Okay, enough of that, have a good one, and as always, enjoy the eye candy!

(sources: style.com / vir.gen )

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