Neon Boneyard

...at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a typography lover's dream come true. The "boneyard" is where discarded signage goes to die...only to be re-born and adored like the magnificent showpieces they are. Images via idsgn, Flickr

I guess it's about time that a touch of summer hit this blog, huh? I could totally see some pretty fun photoshoot scenarios in the yard, don't you? Sidebar: If you're from Chicago, or are familiar with some of the neighborhoods outside the downtown area, you may be aware of the abundance of old motels along North Lincoln Avenue (with old motels, come old signage, and they don't disappoint). Most of these motels are family-owned and some have been around since before the fifties (Yes! I did my research!). They're a frequent stop of photography, and possibly design and architecture students. Wonder if our city will ever have a motel sign boneyard of our own? Or if there already is one.

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